Apartmentretreats.com Announce the Increasing Popularity of Apartments Rather than Hotels among Holidaymakers

May 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Middlesex, UK 14 May 2007 Vacation Apartments firm Apartmentretreats ( http://www.apartmentretreats.com/ ) suggests that staying in a luxury apartment is rapidly becoming a more attractive option for holidaymakers, rather than staying in a hotel. The cost-effective price, added flexibility as well as peace and quiet are three of the many reasons why consumers are starting to put serious thought into opting for a holiday apartment.

Up 12% from last year, travel agents are now reporting a higher number of bookings for apartment retreats rather than hotels among British tourists traveling within the UK or further a field. This is expected to rise again this year based on the last quarter's statistics, with the United States and mainland Europe being the most popular destinations.

Majid Siddique of Apartmentretreats ( http://www.apartmentretreats.com/ ) comments: "Many travel agents state that one of the most common questions they are asked is what the culture is like in a hotel a person is planning on staying in. Consumers will want to know what size the hotel is, what age the guests are, whether it will be okay to travel with young children, and if there will be restrictions in relation to what time it will be acceptable to enter the hotel at night. These are all natural worries for holidaymakers who want to feel at home on holiday, rather than like they have to abide by rules set forth by the hotel in which they are residing in. Rather than taking a gamble on the answer to these questions, many people feel they will be much more relaxed staying in a vacation apartment, where they will be able to eat when it is right for them, smoke if they want to, go to bed when they like, and not have to worry about children crying."

Other popular reasons why consumers are now opting for vacation apartments include the reduced price over staying in a hotel. Because an apartment will often charge a price per week, rather than a price per head larger parties can also make significant cost savings over opting to stay in a hotel. The added flexibility also means that there is often more choice of apartments that meet your criteria than there are hotels in a given area, meaning consumers have more chance of finding accommodation that suits there needs.

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