Printing, CD, DVD on demand: new tools for remote education.

May 15, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Delta L Printing, provider of on demand printing and digital media
services, releases a new version of its Printer Diamond software package that
streamlines operations for course materials production and distribution. The software
is successfully used for a number of remote courses offered by
Statewide Programs of Pennsylvania State University.

Using the new software package, students can order course materials
online, check status of their order, track shipments, see
latest announcements and updates, technical support FAQ, report problems and
order replacements.

"The new additions highly reduced amount of student's phone calls to the office,
inquires and complaints", - says Alex Heiphetz, President of Delta L Printing.
"Now they can receive all information regarding their course materials online
at any time. And, if some of the students do need to call - detailed information
about their order, shipments, replacement requests and status is immediately available to
both production team and program coordinators."

"Orders entered by students in the system are immediately available for Delta L Printing production
team for processing and fulfillment", - adds Alex Heiphetz. "This is what allows us to produce
materials for the courses on demand, as orders are submitted, and ship them to students
within one business day - avoiding delays, over- or under- orders."

Delta L Printing provides on-demand DVD production, materials packaging, shipment
and materials-related technical support for remote courses offered by the office of
Statewide Programs of Pennsylvania State University. Printer Diamond software package,
which is used to streamline the operations, includes the following options:
Students' area:
*ordering of course materials
*review order status, track shipment
*report shipping problem
*review technical support FAQ
*report VHD / DVD problem, request replacement
*check replacement status
Production team / course coordinators' area:
* review submitted orders, search orders
* record and review shipping information
* review problem reports, replacement requests, record and review status
* review various statistical and financial reports
More information about Delta L Printing and its services can be obtained at