Perfectstroke Introduces High School Golf Program

May 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Golf training aids manufacturer and distributor Perfectstroke has recently announced it is offering a new golf instruction program for high schools called the Perfectstroke Accelerated Learning System (PAL System). The Perfectstroke Accelerated Learning System (PAL System) has been designed for high schools to provide a comprehensive and in depth golf program for students wanting to learn golf and provide a pathway for careers in golf.

The program utilizes many of the products available on the Perfectstroke website including the Perfectstroke Putting Aid, the Swing Setter, the Clubface Assistant, Heavyiron, the Swingyde, Leaderboard and the SAM Puttlab.

The program is delivered by a PGA member and one of the schools sports conveners and utilizes a comprehensive 12 part instruction and reference manual for the theory side of the system. On the practical side classes are usually undertaken up to 4 times a week on the school's playing fields. Access to local golf courses is necessary for students to put into practice what they have learned and to further develop their skills and abilities.

The PAL System operates under an understanding and observation of the Five Ball Flight Laws so constant attention is paid to swing path and swing plane, clubface control, balance and width of arc in the swing. Tools such as the Heavyiron and Swingyde help to develop the path and correct plane in the swing and the Clubface Assistant helps to develop a square clubface in relation to the path. Students in PAL System programs also use training aids such as the Swing Setter to help develop the correct timing of the wrist action during the swing. The PGA member delivering the program will be fully conversant in the use of all Perfectstroke products including the SAM PuttLab for putting stroke analysis. Participants in the PAL program are tested several times per year on the SAM system and in between time work with training aids such as the Perfectstroke Putting Aid, Perfectstroke Putting Line and the Channel Mirror to help correct putting stroke problems.

The program can be run under all weather conditions as much of the training can be done indoors in areas such as a gymnasium or assembly hall using training aids including the Heavyiron, Swing Setter and Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is a resistance type aid that helps to develop core strength and a stable lower half and is used by many of the worlds top players including Adam Scott, Stuart Appleby and US Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy.

The PAL System is currently being used by the Robina State High School and the Kooralbyn International School. The Robina High School has a very strong golf program with the 2006 Australian Ladies Masters Champion Amy Yang currently participating. Queensland was the winners of the 2007 Ladies Interstate Matches with three Robina High School students in the team. The Queensland and Australian junior Champion is also a student of the Robina High School Golf Program. The Robina High School Golf Program is co-ordinated by Shane Stevenson with Mark Officer as the golf professional conducting the program. "We are very happy to be involved with the PAL System and the results speak for themselves. We have a number of very highly rated elite players in the program who have been getting outstanding results both internationally, nationally and locally but we also have a group of emerging players who are benefiting from using this training system and the teaching from our professional Mark Officer." Mr. Stevenson said. "The theory provided in the instruction manual also ensure that all of our students participating in the program are developing an understanding of their swings as wells as the machinations of a model swing. Having access to the SAM Puttlab system and the video analysis that we do every few weeks also provide great feedback for the students."

Kooralbyn International School co-ordinator Paul Rogers is also very enthusiastic about using the PAL System. "We have very much an international mix of students in our golf program and some of them have limited grasp of the English language. However using this system it is very easy for the participants to understand how they can improve their golf swings in regard to path and plane, clubface control and timing. The instruction manual and assessments also help to ensure that they have an understanding of where they are going as well as providing ways for us to measure progress aside from just their scores. I definitely recommend the PAL System for its use in a high school golf program."

Past Kooralbyn International School students include US PGA Tour players Adam Scott, Steven Bowditch, Andrew Buckle and Gavin Flint who plays on the Asian Tour.

More information is available on the Perfectstroke website at