Interviews Fredkrik Öhrn

May 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Earlier this year, interviewed Mr. Fredrik Öhrn, Division Manager of International Business of Phyathai Hospitals Group in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Öhrn also has extensive operative and strategic experience in the Swedish and Spanish healthcare sectors and now he helps develop the international profile of the Phyathai Group.

1. What growth do you foresee in the health care sector catering to foreign patients in Thailand, compared to other sectors of the economy, in the coming five years?

Over a five year period, Thailandís Health Care sector catering to foreign patients should see significant growth. What that number will be exactly is a bit difficult to say at this point of time mainly because of the recent political turmoil in Thailand.

So for growth to take place, a few crucial things need to happen. The new government needs to organize itself, big hospitals need to maintain their high standards, keep hiring English speaking doctors and nurses, keep in tune with modern research and be able to prove that to foreign insurance companies, patients and colleagues around the world.

Thailand has a good chance of becoming a hub for Medical Tourism. In Bangkok, there are well organized hospitals with a large capacity and well trained professionals. In addition to this, Thailand is a beautiful country to visit even if you donít come here merely for the medical services.

2. What are your target foreign markets?

It is very important to realize that people from different countries have different needs and sometimes this point is missed by medicare providers and agents. It is also crucial to have a thorough understanding of the mentality and culture of the people youíre selling your services to.

Having spent most of my life in Scandinavia and in Europe, we focus primarily on the Scandinavian market and secondarily on the European market, outside of Scandinavia.

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