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May 17, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Don't be misled by clones of this site, The Truth is always here, and has been since January 2004.

From the paranormal to the seemingly very normal, the Book of THoTH website constantly delivers to readers the latest headlines on subjects your average news wire doesn’t carry. On a typical day, the Book of THoTH may have you reading an article about cryogenics one minute, then delving into the effects of psychokinesis the next.

Those are only two examples of the over 1,000 news articles available to users of the Book of THoTH. The information is so extensive that Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye says that once entering, “I had to fight to pull myself out. It’s like stepping into quicksand.”

It is a lot like quicksand, only this is type of quicksand keeps spreading all around you. The staff at the Book of THoTH is dedicated to making sure the book, and therefore the knowledge within it, is always growing.

It's not just news articles either. There are encyclopedias on topics such as “Alien Types,” “Herbs and Gems: Mystical Properties,” and “Anti-Gravity Research.” An extensive 5000 images plus gallery of photos highlighting such things as UFOs, Crypto-zoology, and Ghost Phenomena is available as well. Video and sound files pertaining to the various phenomena are also available.

It may seem like that all that “quicksand” could be hard to wade through, but the Book of THoTH is well designed and easy to navigate, making it easy for you to find material relating to the particular subject that interests you.

Even though it is called the “book,” don’t let that fool you. The site is extremely interactive. With over 500 members and close to 30,000 forum posts the information is constantly being discussed, allowing the members to express their beliefs and possibly reinvent their ideas.

In addition to the forums, the Book of THoTH has chat rooms, and “quiz parties” which go along way to providing a community atmosphere at the “BOT,” as members call it, that is sometimes lacking at other sites.

Thoth was the Egyptian god of wisdom, who wrote all of his knowledge, including his greatest secrets, into a series of books. The Book of ThoTH is very much like it’s mythical namesake, encompassing many areas of wisdom, and dedicated to unraveling some of the worlds greatest secrets.

Unlike it’s namesake, this digital version of the Book of ThoTH, offers its information to any who are willing to take the time, and sometimes the risk of “sinking in.” Membership and access to the forums, gallery, and resources are all free, and everyone’s ideas and opinions are welcome and respected, because without community the book, and the world cannot grow.