Revolutionary Online Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes for Court Requirement and Personal Growth

June 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Laguna Beach, CA (June 1, 2007) –AJ Novick Group, a leading mental health provider, has just released another new and exiting online program for parents available at

This unique website offers two popular online courses for parents. The first is a parenting program, and the second online class is for co-parenting. These courses are ideal for those needing to take a parenting class at the request of the court, as part of a legal or probationary requirement, a custody agreement, or simply for personal growth as a parent.

“It is often difficult for parents to take a parenting class because time away from their children and work can be difficult”, says Dr. Novick, “we have designed a state of the art parenting and co-parenting program that can be taken from any web-based computer to create a unique and rewarding distance learning experience".

Currently we are offering two unique programs, a parenting class and a co-parenting class. Both programs are interactive with videos, content, short quizzes, graphics and easy to follow content. It is highly structured and each module (class) is monitored with a timer. This ensures that each participant takes the necessary time needed to comprehend each section.

Why take a course through the AJ Novick Group’s, website? Parents will learn a variety of necessary skills to be a more effective parent and learn new ways to handle some of life’s most difficult challenges as a parent.

These new online parenting classes include:
• Assertive Communication for Parents
• Stress Management
• Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
• Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
• Anger and Conflict resolution
• Boundary and limit setting
• Co-parenting Teamwork/Challenges
• Co-parenting plan
• Step-family Dynamics
• Rewards and Discipline for children
• Avoiding Parenting Mistakes is a new, exciting and innovative approach to taking a parenting or co-parenting course. Whether the participants needs to take a parenting class for a court requirement, or just for personal growth, this new course is an ideal way to learn the skills needed to become a better parent and improve relationship skills with their children and others.

About the Author: Ari Novick, Ph.D. is founder of the AJ Novick Group. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert in the field of anger and stress management and family relationships. Dr. Novick is also a corporate consultant and educator who has presented on-site corporate workshops and trainings to thousands of employees. He is the co-author of “Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century”, a highly acclaimed client workbook in the field of anger management. He is also the author of “Parenting in the Twenty-first Century”, which will be released in the winter of 2007. Dr. Novick has been featured in numerous magazine articles and has been a consultant for both the Discovery Channel and Fox television. He is also an adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University. For information about his online parenting classes visit To view his anger management website visit

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