Studies have proved that herbal teas are effective in preventing chronic diseases

June 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
In a recent developments scientific studies have proved that herbal teas have the potential to maintaining the normal living procedures of the body that are helpful in avoiding the toxins in the body. Herbal teas help in maintaining normal peace and stability in the body that are easily recognized by our body.

Dr. Smith Johnson, Managing director and a chief creator of world’s most premier website introduced the invited guest with the range of herbal teas that have been created with the deep discussion with ayurvedic doctors and various nutritionist. Based on the concept of Ayurveda these herbal teas are made for various ailments like insomnia, heart abnormalities, stress, aging, indigestion, constipation and general health.

Dr. Smith also said that these herbal teas are a new revolution in the herbal industry. The various brands of teas launched were Arjun tea for heart, Diges tea for indigestion, Green tea for general health, Kof tea for respiratory disorders, Laxa tea for constipation, Lean tea for obesity, Stress tea for coping stress and sleep tea for insomnia and anxiety.

In a conclusion media spokes person of herbal cure India, miss Jenny Hobson announced that these herbal teas are clinically tested and bears no contraindication. These teas are exclusively marketed by herbalcureindia in association with Himalaya health care and Krishna Herbals.

After the conference media persons and gathered crowed were served with the various brands of herbal teas and were highly appreciated by all.