FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Major Advertising & Marketing Website To Boost Home Business Sales

June 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pensacola, FL June 2007 — MajorEnterprise.Net, independent Internet marketing and advertising company, introduces an affordable advertising program that is set to maximize online business potential.

Carael Knight, CEO/Founder of solution based Internet marketing and advertising company, MajorEnterprise.Net is preparing for a busy season ahead. As online businesses enter the month of June, there are millions of entrepreneurs planning for an upsurge in sales. The tourism, gift and fashion industries thrive on summer and winter occasions, along with masses of online marketing firms that plan to make the coming months, a wealth of success.

“One of the best ways to successfully market any product or service is to advertise to a global market. If you are not marketing from a global standpoint, revenues will be substantially limited.”

“Marketing is the backbone of any business. When it comes to marketing, it’s not what you sell; it’s how you sell it,” says, Mr Knight.

MajorEnterprise.Net is designed to help online businesses optimize sales over the coming months and years, through targeted classified advertising. With today’s growing Internet trend, high volume advertising often confuses customers as they seek out product information that best suits their needs.

Home based businesses often fail due to the lack of ineffective advertising and marketing strategies. The Internet has grown to such an extent that work-at-home professionals must learn the latest tips and techniques to set them ahead of millions of online businesses. This time of year is abundant with Internet marketing campaigns, and planning ahead is compulsory.

MajorEnterprise.Net offers the benefits of advanced planning and budgeting in several key areas:-

- Business Advertising
- Financial Resources
- Classified Advertising Resources
- Maximized Revenue
- Dramatic Capital Enhancement
- Internet Marketing Strategies

The company specializes in global advertising/marketing on the World Wide Web by helping small independent businesses produce profitable marketing strategies, while increasing overall revenue. Due to effective business marketing structures and online technology, smaller companies are now competing with leading Fortune 500 businesses.

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