the long awaited Videowebgate 3.0 released with plenty of new features

June 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Videowebgate (Marseille, France/Jerusalem, Israel) launched the TV entertainment center Videowebgate 3.0 the software provides the users access to the TV portal and the content available there as well as several off line tools such as DVD ripper a Newsroom, developers video players codes, and the newsroom codes for download, live streams recorder, and a video chat center.

“We were a little late with this version as we wanted to provide a different look and a completely different interface, and as we do not really believe in the Marcom Concept, we simply had to work harder on the interface” said Amit Mendelsohn the company Founder and CTO.
The videowebgate 3.0 combined all the website features and content as well as external useful tools and as all the other company products its completely free.

“When we design a product we avoid installers in order not to install any file on the user computer, we wouldn't take the chance, so our software is free of any malware, easy to use, just download and run” Continue Mr. Mendelsohn.

Somehow the company kept the Clipmaker out of this version (Video capture software available on the company site as well). “The reason is simple” says Mendelsohn, “Video is a complicated mission, even an application so simple such as the Clipmaker is not easy for the ordinary to use, and the Videowebgate 3.0 is so rich of features there was no need to mess the users with too much”.

The older videowebgate versions has won every possible award online and were downloaded constantly in a stream of 5-10, 000 copies a week. They were bundled with CDs in Spain, Italy, Japan, UK, Germany, and Austria, the software and the site are very popular in Brazil as well.

“Within the next few weeks we will release a special version in Different languages” Says Mr. Yossi Haviv the CFO and the company Co-founder. “We have No sponsors and no investors but we manage, We have more then 60% returning users 90% of them are using the software, and the site traffic is impressive and growing steadily”.

The videowebgate 3.0 is available in the company website