Innovative Healthcare Product launched at International Franchise, License & Business Concept Expo & Conference 2007

June 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Sunday saw the successful completion of Indonesia biggest business expo, International Franchise, License & Business Concept Expo & Conference 2007.

Reflecting the vibrant nature of Indonesia¡¯s business dynamism, this years participants instead of the traditional food and education business, see increasing presence of new business concepts and innovative products.

Amongst the show stopper is a computerized health diagnosis machine and EyeRelax, the multiple award-winning device. Making its presence for the first time in Indonesia biggest business expo, Energie EyeCare, the manufacturer of EyeRelax, seeks to meet potential partners to distribute EyeRelax in Indonesia.

Energie EyeRelax is the top winner at the International Invention & Innovation Exposition organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council. It is also the winner of Guardian Health & Beauty Award in the health equipment for two consecutive year in 2006 & 2007.

EyeRelax is based on the latest research on visual fields study, and effectively treats both the accommodative and neuro system of the eye. It is very effective in improving eyesight, relieve visual fatigue and control the progression of myopia since it is more complete in its treatment. It is also very effective for presbyopia as it effectively improves the accommodation function of the eye, hence delaying presbyopia.

For low myopic of less than 300 degrees, there is a good chance to regain good vision if used early. Children with low myopia are strongly encouraged to use EyeRelax early as they would have a high possibility to regain good vision.

For medium myopic of between 300 and 600 degrees, EyeRelax helps to improve eyesight and prevents it from worsening.

For those with myopia of 600 degrees and above, one should use EyeRelax immediately to improve eyesight, and also avoid eye blinding diseases.

The cost of EyeRelax is affordably priced at USD500 which is less than what a myopic person spend on contact lenses. The Company priced it affordably for better mass affordability.

Products carried by Energie Eyecare are all related to eyecare management. Energie EyeCare is one of Asia¡¯s leading eyecare management Company. Amongst the product represented are study lamps suitable for reading and books on eyecare. Also useful are light checkers that helps to determine the adequacy of light for respective visual activities. ¡°It is not true that bright light is preferred at all circumstances. Dim light is sometimes better, such as when we are watching the TV, or when there is too much glare.¡± The light checker is an essential tool for both home, office and industrial application.

Another highly appreciated product is Computer Time, a software that helps manage the time spent by the children on computer, freeing them with more time to engage in social activities that is required in their growth development. This is a great tool to help the parents in their fight against their children¡¯s excessive computer usage. Abusive use of computers is one of the worse enemy of our eyesight.

There is also an amblyopic version that accelerates the recovery for amblyopic patients. Each treatment of 10 minutes works to excites the neuro-visual system, thereby aiding in the development of the visual-neuro pathway. The conventional method for amblyopia or lazy eye treatment is to patch the good eye and force the affected eye to work. Clinical studies conducted have shown that using EyeRelax amblyopia will quicken the time required to recover compared to conventional patching. EyeRelax amblyopia is sold mainly through hospitals and eyespecialist clinics with clinical consultation.

About Energie EyeCare Group

Energie Eyecare Group is Asia¡¯s leading eyecare management group. It currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Distribution opportunity is now available as Energie EyeCare is seeking competent partners to represent its products worldwide. Potential business partners are likely to have existing network in the medical/eyecare/healthcare industry. Entrepreneurs looking to develop their new business venture will also be considered.

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