Personal Development hits the SAT Scene: Academics Plus Announces a Groundbreaking Approach to SAT Tutoring with the Enlightened SAT Warrior program

June 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New York, NY – Academics Plus has a philosophy: human potential is immeasurable. It is this philosophy that lies at the core of their novel approach to tutoring students for the SATs. Academics Plus has developed an innovative SAT preparation program called the Enlightened SAT Warrior program. Realizing that subtle components such as self-esteem, motivation, confidence and stress contribute to each student’s performance in school and on tests like the SAT, they offer a unique SAT program that not only covers important academic concepts but includes a personal growth component designed to decrease stress, and increase efficacy and confidence. Goal setting and self-awareness techniques help students alleviate anxiety and create the purpose and momentum that accelerates learning potential. Understanding that academic performance is the result of an orchestration of many academic and personal factors, the Enlightened SAT Warrior program interacts with students on a holistic level and helps them achieve their true potential.

“I absolutely loved the way Academics Plus worked with my son for the SAT. They gave him both the knowledge and the confidence to ace the test!” said T. Gross, the mother of an 11th grader attending the prestigious Horace Mann School in New York City.

“Research indicates that more than 3 million Americans experience anxiety disorders during their lifetime and that the anxiety often begins during adolescence. In fact, nearly seventy percent of all high school student experience test anxiety,” says Academics Plus Founder and Director, Michele LoBosco. “How many parents have seen their child become emotionally distressed over a homework assignment or test? Our Enlightened SAT Warrior program is an empowering process that provides young people with many of the skills, talents and tools that lead to future success in their college and employment careers.”

Founded by sisters, Michele LoBosco and Jacqueline LoBosco, Ph. D., Academics Plus is a premier tutoring company specializing in academic enrichment and personal development programs for student of all ages. Their unique approach helps students increase self-knowledge, confidence, and motivation while decreasing stress. Academics Plus practices cutting edge learning techniques which include goal-setting, breathing, focusing and vision board exercises.

Michele and Jacqui are authors of the books How to Ace the SAT Without Losing Your Cool and The SAT Success System Personal Workbook. Available for emergency interviews via telephone. Media kits, review copies & interviews available on request. For more information, visit or contact Michele LoBosco @ 212.534.0436 or