SHEL LAB Incubator Shaker Line Expands to Include Large Capacity Model SI9

June 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Sheldon MFG, Inc. has introduced the SI9 large capacity, shaking incubator to the SHEL LAB Incubator Shaker family. This nine cubic foot shaking incubator is the latest addition to the already popular line of SHEL LAB Bench Top SI4 and Floor model SI6 shaking incubators.

With an internal capacity of 9.5 cu.ft and a relatively modest fooprint, the SI9 boasts the largest platform-to-footprint ratio on the market. The SHEL LAB SI9 shaking incubator can accommodate up to 19, one liter flasks in a single load. “The SI9 large capacity shaker was the natural evolution for the SHEL LAB Shaker line and we are thrilled with the feedback we have received”, says Dan Sheldon, President of Sheldon Manufacturing.

As with the other SHEL LAB shaking incubators, the shaking platform is included with the purchase of the SI9, and can be removed safely and easily without any tools. The shaker speed ranges from 30 – 400 RPM’s with smooth quiet oscillation. Sheldon’s engineering team designed the door of the SI9 to open vertically making it possible to open the door in tight spaces.

The SI9 large incubator shaker is stackable as well allowing users to double their capacity without using additional lab floor space. Available with or without refrigeration, the SI9 addresses all functional requirements for shaking incubator applications. Download the new SHEL LAB Shaking Incubator brochure for full product specifications at

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