Covert GPS Tracking System Stops Vehicle Theft

June 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Revolutionary technology in Global Positioning System (GPS) Internet vehicle tracking now being sold to the public at

Albuquerque, NM, June 8, 2007: Millennium Plus is the first to offer publicly, GPS/Internet tracking solutions for all cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, construction and farm equipment. Recent deregulation by the FCC of telecommunications services has made GPS/cellular technology available to the public for the first time that can deliver an affordable tracking product that can be acquired with light disposable income.

The Millennium Plus Mobile Locating Unit (MLU) uses existing cellular airwaves and takes advantage of the global positioning system created by the U.S. government, to track cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and most any other type of vehicle. Millennium Plus utilizes a constellation of 24 geo-synchronous satellites providing precise navigation and position information to the GPS receiver. This perfect marriage of technologies enables system users to track and contact vehicles at any time of day or night via any standard web browser. In the event a car is stolen, the MLU can be set up so an email and/or a cell phone call can be issued to the owner immediately, and the unit owner can disable the vehicle starter and lock the doors in order to secure the vehicle for recovery.

Millenium Plus GPS monitoring is the perfect vehicle management solution for small fleet owners:

One customer states, “I trust my employees, but I elected to enhance my fleet with Millennium Plus. GPS tracking isn’t about doubting my employees — it’s about running our business more efficiently and offering our customers the best service possible.” With fuel prices on the rise, the benefits of this technology are evident. “On the whole, Millennium Plus has increased our productivity significantly and reduced our fuel consumption. Millennium Plus definitely delivers in terms of ROI.”

Millennium Plus offers affordable safety and security:

“This is the first time virtually anyone can afford to track their valuable assets and
loved ones. From a teen-aged driver out late at night, to the stolen car, Millennium Plus delivers answers to the question, “Where?” within seconds, and all via the Internet. This truly revolutionary security and safety technology grants benefits through peace of mind.”

Paul Dyer,
Independent Business Owner, Millennium Plus