Dialexia announces availability of new version of Award-Winning Dial-Gate Softswitch Platform

June 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Montreal, Canada – June 2007 – Dialexia Communications a leading provider of next-generation VoIP software and applications, has announced the availability of its latest software release version of the award-winning Dial Gate softswitch and billing platform.

Dial-Gate is a web-based SIP softswitch and billing server for both the VoIP and PSTN networks. Its programmable routing intelligence and support of network-calling plans can be assigned to endpoints in order to filter calls. Dial-Gate translates standard telephone numbers into their corresponding IP addresses and looks for available gateways or domains to place calls through the PSTN. It functions as a softswitch by giving an integrated control point for various telephony services. Among its many features are; a pre/post paid billing system, real time monitoring, and CDR management. With the added option of IP-Tone (for broadband residential services), Dial-Gate can manage incoming and outgoing calls from both the IP and PSTN networks. IP-Tone features voicemail (unified or non-unified), caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, follow me, assignment of virtual/real DID numbers, as well as, account & voice mailbox management via the Web. The hosted call shop option furnishes service providers with additional methods of generating recurring revenue.

The Billing module has been extensively enhanced providing administrators (and agents) with the ability to offer: customized billing plans for subscriber accounts (monthly billing, one-time billing, or per usage billing), a choice of services to be billed (such as IP to IP free calls and unlimited long distance minutes), email notification of soon to be expired accounts, enabling/disabling E911 features, and a RADIUS Client has also been added to support any RADIUS Server so that a service provider can use their existing billing application (as long as it is based on the RADIUS protocol).

Service providers can now offer their subscribers a new calling plan that will work in conjunction with their cellular phone plan. If a subscriber has a cellular plan with unlimited incoming minutes but has a limited number of outgoing minutes the service provider can generate revenue while offering a solution to their subscribers. The advanced communication features provides new authentication functionalities to service providers which will enable them to offer subscribers the Call Back ANI plan. The provider preconfigures local DIDs into their system. A local number (DID) is made available to the subscriber of the Call Back plan. The subscriber would call the local DID and hang up (Dial-Gate authenticates the subscriber by caller ID), and then waits for the system to call back. The system will provide a dial-tone and prompt the subscriber to enter their destination number. This call is then considered an incoming call by the cellular service provider.

Noticeably enhanced by integrating with E911 emergency services providers API, such as Dash 911is the E911 settings which have been improved by allowing the subscriber specific emergency settings for each SIP user.

Another enhancement of the Dial-Gate platform is the SOAP XML Web Services API. It adds more flexibility to the integration of the softswitch Application Server with existing client's application web portals. A SOAP interface is provided to write SOAP clients in different programming languages such as java, .NET, perl etc.

"We wanted to provide our customers with the capacity to deliver a spectrum of services to their subscribers. Enhancements to our platforms are frequently a result of our clients’ multiple requirements.” said Mohamed El-Mohri, CTO at Dialexia Communications. “These improvements have been developed with the emphasis on enabling service providers to easily make available powerful and appealing services which provide a means for increased revenues.”

About Dialexia:
Dialexia Communications is a pioneer in the world of IP Telephony and Call Processing. SMBs can make a significant transition towards a telecommunication system that will provide enhanced productivity by simplifying the complexity of their numerous needs; one system will be enough to manage telephony, Internet, e-mail and long distance thanks to Dialexia’s low cost VoIP solutions. All their products are designed to work with the industry’s leading gateways, facilitating installation and compatibility. Dialexia Communications offers a full suite of integrated IP Telephony applications. Their innovative Dial family includes: Dial-Gate® a comprehensive web-based SIP proxy and centralized routing server with a traffic management system for pre/post paid billing services; Dial-Office® a powerful web-based 100% SIP IP-PBX, and Dial-Centrex®, an ASP-model hosted PBX. Visit Dialexia at: www.dialexia.com

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