Realtors Discover Video Podcasting

June 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Scottsdale, Arizona - June 9, 2007 - Realtors across the country are beginning to discover a new powerful technology for their marketing arsenal – streaming video podcasting. With the advent of Web 2.0 technology and faster connection speeds, real estate professionals now have the opportunity use the communication of power of video to affordably showcase their property listings to a wide audience.
"We make video podcasting production painless for realtors, brokers, home builders and For Sale By Owner clients. Using existing digital property photos, or video if it’s available, we create a video, with professional narration and background music, that highlights the properties features. But, we go one step further. Besides showing the listing to potential buyers, any video podcast is about building the client’s brand too. For each video podcasting client, we craft custom graphics to create a memorable brand experience for viewers. Next, we distribute each listing video podcast episode to a wide-range of podcast directories, video sites and search engines. We also provide "widgets" that clients can use to add their video to blogs or websites. They can even make them available to clients to get live, automatic updates to their computer desktop. Finally, clients can add several traditional marketing products to help promote their video listings to their target market. It’s great to get your message on a lot of websites, but you want your sphere of influence to become subscribers as well. We provide the tools to do just that" says Andy Renk, President of MaxPodcasting a division of Max Otto Marketing.

Streaming real estate video podcasts create a unique buyer experience by allowing buyers the opportunity to preview a property without having to actually see it. "In my own early home shopping experience I was really frustrated by the process. My agent would find properties that roughly matched my criteria in terms of price, size and required amenities, but what he couldn't do was give me the intangibles. Most of the MLS listings had one or poor photos or nothing at all. As a result, we spent countless hours driving all over town (in Phoenix that is no small task) looking at listings. Most were unsuitable and could have been ruled out visually through video. Video podcasting can make the buyer client's experience much more efficient and satisfying" adds Renk.

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Launched in April 2007, Max Podcasting ( ) is devoted exclusively to providing real estate professionals with innovative media-rich marketing tool that will generate more leads, increase brand equity and improve sales.

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