June 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
BrandMoxie, a leading UAE advertising and marketing
firm, has launched Advanced Internet PR (AIP), an innovative
programme aimed at methodically crafting the image and brands of
corporations online while enhancing their search engine rankings.

The programme offers both a quick start scheme to deploy a company
immediately to an acceptable level of online exposure, as well as long
term strategy to keep that profile high.

"It is staggering how critically important an online PR presence is
and how it can substantially impact a company's business
opportunities. Yet the majority of companies, and that's even large
high cap companies, are virtually 'internet-poor' with miserable
references online," said Sana Bagersh, CEO of BrandMoxie.

"Nowadays, the internet is king, if you're in it you're an
international player, and if you're not, you're just a local business
stuck in 'smallville.' Today anyone who wants anything, even locally,
doesn't reach for the phone book, but goes to the internet. This is an
environment that packs the power of one million yellow pages and a
trillion dollars worth of conventional advertising all in one—
because you are accessible to anyone on the planet at any time of

She said companies in this region set up websites, sometimes lavish
CMS-driven environments, and then sit back and expect to reap the
benefits of the internet.

"A corporate website alone is not enough; you need to create buzz
about your company through a multi-tiered strategy that may include
optimizing your site, search engine submissions and internet ad
campaigns. But most importantly you should also consider integrating
an approach that includes systematic submissions of your company's
strategic information, contributing to target web communities, and
getting exposure on the websites that are being visited by your target

She explained that any PR agency providing traditional PR services
must either additionally provide online PR services, or work with a
marketing firm that does. This could be a collaborative effort to
ensure the client is well represented across all communication

BrandMoxie's Advanced Internet Programme begins with an online audit
of where a company currently stands, not just in search engine
rankings, but also in terms of whatever information appears in
relation to the name of the company, the brand and its principals.

"We analyze the kind of information that is out there, classifying its
degree of negativity/ positivity/ neutrality, and its impact on the
company. This is accompanied by a review of the company's online brand
attributes, the keywords that drive searches to the company, the
brand, the industry and its competitors."

BrandMoxie's Advanced Internet PR programme defines the remedial
tactics that are required to mitigate any negative influences, and
outlines long term proactive strategies for sustained brand building.
In order to be able to offer an integrated approach to marketing, PR
strategy and search optimization the programme brings together
internet techies and traditional PR practitioners.

"The great thing about this kind of service is that the results are
measurable and tangible. The bad thing is that no matter how expert
you are in SEO and online PR, you cannot control all outcomes. However
with intelligent manipulation you can dramatically sway online PR in
your favour."

Bagersh predicts that Internet PR still in its infancy will become
more institutionalized as a science as internet marketing continues to
capture an increasing share of marketing dollars.

The challenge, she said, is for companies to understand the important
dynamics that drives the industry today in order to make rational
decisions on where and how they want to be visible.

She said companies in this region need to be aware of the incredible
level of internet innovation and experimentation that is going on
right now, from web-based parallel universes, to the trend of
incorporating product development and research cycles into stand alone
experiential corporate universes, to the flourishing of digital
versions of popular brands.

BrandMoxie, a proponent of "intelligent marketing," is a full service
advertising and marketing agency in Abu Dhabi offering advertising,
PR, research, retail branding and marketing consulting. It has partner
offices in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Oman, Singapore,
Italy, Spain and the USA.