The Indian Autorickshaw Challenge 2007 announces new Touring Category

June 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Indian Autorickshaw Challenge is notorious in amateur adventurer circles, and is a fixture upon the international traveller’s calendar thanks to its reputation as an ‘amazing race for the clinically insane’. The participants in this truly unique event all cruise, roll, and bounce a course of over a thousand kilometres through the heartland of India in the continents ubiquitous Autorickshaw or ‘Tuk-Tuk’. This year’s event, due to start in only a few weeks now, is due to be the biggest and wildest rally the world has ever seen. This years rally coincides with the 50th birthday of the tuk-tuk, workhorse of the Indian roads, and the parties will be even louder and more colourful in celebration of this cultural icon. To make things easier for all the extra teams joining this year, and to encourage a few last reticent adventurers, the event organisers have introduced an all new Touring class.

The regular participants in the rally are all competing for the coveted Indian Autorickshaw Challenge Cup by collecting point for challenges placed along their road route, as well as completing each day’s section in a timely manner. These individuals are all dedicated amateur adventurers, who like nothing better than to push their endurance to the limit each day- be it through mysterious jungles, glittering coastline, or teeming cityscapes. However, many potential members have been attracted by the rally with its fantastic atmosphere and incredible parties, but have been discouraged by the driving involved, either due to lack of experience or lack of the appropriate licence. For these individuals the Touring Category (‘TC’) has been established.

The TC participants will enjoy all the benefits and support as the regular members, with full travel plans, essential insurance cover, party invites, and legal support – just not with an actual Auto rickshaw! These intrepid individuals will hitchhike with all the other rally participants, or will ride in style with the support vehicles. This class is geared towards the pure enjoyment of the trip, with others taking the weight of the driving and navigating, leaving you to enjoy the scenery and the adventure in comfort. TC members will not participate in the challenges along the way, but will still be able to make a serious humanitarian contribution to the Adopt-A-Village program, and sharing in all the unforgettable fun.

The restrictions placed upon TC members are few, and state only that they may not procure alternative transport for themselves (i.e. buy a car) – which is fair and in the interests of preserving the spirit of the rally. All entrants into this class will enjoy a discount on their registration fee, due to the reduced cost in no longer requiring an Autorickshaw or commensurate insurance. Another group of individuals that will benefit from the new grouping are motor cycle enthusiasts, who can now register as a TC member and bring their own wheels, providing it is under a 660 CC engine capacity.

For more details on the new Touring Class Contact:
Aravind Bremanandam, Lead organizer
Phone: +91-44-421-43343