Krank Golf Announces The Launch Of Their New Website

June 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Gilbert, Ariz. – Krank Golf has launched its new website with far more features than before. Notably, they have added a new automated Swing Questionnaire to assist all customers in their club selection process.

“We have always made it a priority to match up our customers with the best possible club fitting. In the past we used a swing questionnaire each customer filled out after the sale. Now we have developed a new automated Swing Analysis program that allows each customer to know what we would select for them before they purchase,” said Lance Reader, Founder/President Krank Golf. “The decision to redesign our website became mandatory due to increased sales and the need to have better controls over our ever growing marketing footprint. The features we have implemented in our new website are unique to us and are found nowhere else on the web. We will continue to create new and even more exciting features over the next few months. Which includes, live video swing analyses, X Drive Competitions, Quiet Golf video downloads and “Krank It Up” Calendar downloads.. Our main emphasis is to continue developing the hottest legal USGA drivers on the planet and provide a website that will keep you connected to the most exciting part of your game, Your Driver.”

Krank Golf was founded by Lance Reader a professional long drive golfer and participant in numerous professional long drive events. Krank Golf is the maker of the Red Hot Chili Pepper Driver, fairway woods and hybrid irons as well as the newly released El Diablo Driver. The Red Hot Chili Pepper and the El Diablo are 460cc Beta Titanium Drivers, USGA legal and have gained significant recognition by winning numerous long drive competitions. Notably, qualifying #1 in the final round of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship 2006.