FAMILIES FOCUS ON BLACK BELTS AT MOO GONG DO TESTING - The Martial Art Brings Togetherness and Builds Confidence

May 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
LAKE FOREST, CA — World Moo Gong Do Association, Inc. in Lake Forest, Calif., the international headquarters for the martial art of Moo Gong Do™, announced today that the Kantari Family from Mission Viejo, Calif. and the Zarriello Family from Vermont have earned their Black Belts after an exhausting multi-day test. Overseen by Grand Master Dae Yong Kim, who founded the discipline over 20 years ago, the Black-Belt testing included members of several families who train at the organization’s schools in Lake Forest, Calif. and in the cities of Essex and Burlington, Vermont.

Testing for Black Belts takes place over a week, with students enduring as many as 6-10 hours of evaluation each day. Tests include ALL the curriculum of the school as well as applied focus and energy. Plus there is testing on forms, kicks, punching, sparring and the history of the martial art.

While every student of Moo Gong Do™ hopes to earn a Black Belt, it is merely one point on a continuum of learning. According to the World Moo Gong Do Association, the ultimate purpose of Moo Gong Do™ is to find oneself through consistent mental and physical training. Students are taught many valuable principles including respect, how to give and take, patience and endurance, and to be calm and humble in mind. Moo Gong Do also highly encourages and motivates students to strive to turn their weaknesses into strengths. This is a feature that attracts many young people as well as older people — with a special focus on young people and their parents — to this particular martial art.

Moo Gong Do™ stresses discipline, focus and commitment in all areas of one’s life, which has lasting effects on the students and families of the martial art. Dawson Davenport, who has been training at the studio since 1996, says his experience is typical of many of those who study Moo Gong Do. “I started Moo Gong Do about a week after my oldest daughter Dayna enrolled. She’s very active, and we felt it would be helpful to provide a way for her to focus her boundless energy. Even though she enjoyed participating, I was a terrible observer, so I joined, thinking it was better to teach by example. Plus, I wanted my children to realize that they are never too old to learn and grow. Today, both my daughters (Dayna 13 and Dallas 9) are First-degree Black Belts. I now instruct part time and practice regularly. Even my wife Felecia has joined us, and is on her way to earning her Black Belt. Our kids are focused, goal-driven and unafraid of life. They don’t show a lack of self confidence that I see in a lot of other children,” added Dawson.

About Moo Gong Do

The martial art of Moo Gong Do was founded over 20 years ago by Grand Master Dae Yong Kim. Moo Gong Do translates into English as Martial Art, Empty and The Way. In this context Martial Art refers to a disciplined way of training both mind and body. The student’s state is Empty, like a vessel that is ready to be filled or educated. The Way provides a road map, or guidance, for the Moo Gong Do student. Grand Master Kim bases every element of Moo Gong Do on nature. The current international headquarters of Moo Gong Do is located in Lake Forest, California. More information on this interesting martial art can be obtained directly from Grand Master Kim at 949.597.8497 or bkim@ moogongdo.com or by visiting the website at www.moogongdo.com.