Market Potential for Tuberculosis Testing Products and Therapeutics Tops $8 Billion!

June 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New York, June 16, 2007 — Nearly extinct in the latter part of the last century, tuberculosis is now presenting a major public health crisis as more than 1.6 billion people are infected and global hotspots continue to be burdened with insufficient screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Yet according to Global Tuberculosis Strategies, a new study from Kalorama Information, the total theoretical market potential for tuberculosis testing products and therapeutics on a global scale tops $8 billion based on currently reported TB status and pricing structures.

Lack of proper diagnosis is a major barrier to tuberculosis treatment, and the report details current screening techniques and the potential market for advanced diagnostic products. Skin testing remains the most common form of testing and though the Mantoux test dominates, others are being developed that will impact the market. Sputum smears and cultures, considered better options for diagnosis, lag behind skin testing as they pose difficulties in field use.

The report illustrates three primary focal points for the development of a global strategy for combating tuberculosis—potential market, epidemiology (tuberculosis patient trends) and technology—and reviews how diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies can incorporate these focal points into their own TB eradication plan.

“With tuberculosis you’ve got to cure the individual and minimize the transmission to other persons, which can only be done through advanced screenings and treatments being made available to hard hit regions,” notes Kenneth G. Krul, Ph.D., the report’s author. “Because of the contagiousness of this frightening disease, there are huge payoffs for investment in diagnostics and therapeutics, which have not yet been tapped.”

The study contains an extensive tuberculosis etiology, epidemiologic statistics, including 30 tables of incidence, prevalence, and mortality statistics by country, region, and type of tuberculosis, and a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Global Tuberculosis Strategies also includes theoretical market sizes for screening/diagnosis as well as treatment by region and by type of TB (MDR and non-MDR) and a comprehensive review of products for the treatment of TB. It can be purchased directly from Kalorama Information by visiting: It is also available at

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