The Mayan end-of-time prophecies approach a Tipping Point through schools and prisons.

June 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Though the end-date of the Mayan 5125 year-old calendar isn’t for another five and a half years (December 21, 2012), movies and books declaring the end of life as we know it are reaching a critical mass in public awareness now. Sunbury Press, publisher of “the 100th human”- a novel centered on the Mayan calendar and recent Amazon #1 bestseller in visionary fiction, has given over 1500 copies to prisons, detention centers, International schools and alternative education sites around the world.

Highlighting the recent donations, on June 20-22nd, “the 100th human” will be presented to the attendees of the 9th annual Alternative Education Conference at Villanova University in Philadelphia PA, and will be passed along to their students. This year’s conference is titled “Freedom and Choices for All” and according to the author, fits perfectly with the messages of “the 100th human.” “It is absolutely thrilling to have this book, which outlines how our individual choices affect the whole, go to those students who need its message of hope and responsibility the most. I am so grateful to Dr. Bob Marquet for helping make this a reality,” says the book’s author, Chris Fenwick. Sunbury Press also donated 200 copies of “the 100th human” to the Lancaster County Prison in Pennsylvania - with the help of Lorrie Kunes, a family-based therapist and volunteer at the prison.

“the 100th human,” deviating from most apocalyptic predictions, is an inspirational novel offering a positive future by way of 8 life-changing Keys, all while taking the reader on a journey of suspense and intrigue. “I wrote “the 100th human” as a fictional novel with the expectation of reaching people who may not normally pick up a self-help book or spiritual guide. My top priority has always been for “the 100th human” to become the catalyst for the changes it portends within its pages,” Fenwick says.

As December 2012 approaches, we can expect the clamor and speculation regarding what the Mayan’s knew about the fate of humanity to increase exponentially. “the 100th human” pushes that tipping point closer by uniquely offering to alternative education students, prisoners and detainees its optimistic interpretations of the future.

Chris Fenwick is a first-time novelist and has traveled the globe learning from societies, scientists and sages alike. She is a co-owner in three companies lives in Pennsylvania with her family and is presently working on her next book, a non-fiction supplement to the novel, titled “the 100th human Yoga Series – A mind/body exploration of the 8 Keys.” For more information, please visit

This is Sunbury Press’ first mass-market novel and the new and improved 2nd printing of “the 100th human” has just been released. They are also working on other “enlightened offerings,” the next of which is coming in August. For more information, please visit More information about Alternative Education Conference, please visit

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