U.S. Imaging Finds new RIS with MedInformatix

June 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Houston, TX - U.S. Imaging is hopeful and anxious about their most recent purchase. Over the past 12 months, U.S. Imaging's selection committee has been researching and traveling across country in order to find a new Radiology Information System (RIS) vendor who can improve their workflow. With 8 locations, 110 users on the system at any given time, and over 125,000 image reads per year, Kyle Richie, Chief Information Officer of U.S. Imaging, has been diligent in his efforts to bring his company into this revolutionary electronic era of medical healthcare. Outfitted with a new RIS and Billing, U.S. Imaging has become one of the most technological advanced Radiology groups in the nation.

MedInformatix, based out of Los Angeles, CA, has been a major player in the EMR/PM for over a two decades. Only a little over four years ago, MedInformatix released their own RIS. A significant value of a RIS depends on a tight integration of the RIS and PACS according to MedInformatix. The RIS needs to control the PACS to provide a true and seamless system which ads in the improvement of the Radiologist’s workflow. The company is delighted and encouraged at how well Radiologists and staff members are responding to the MedInformatix RIS. With U.S. Imaging as the largest Radiologist group in Texas, this new partnership shows the amount of trust and confidence Richie and his company hold for MedInformatix.

Radiologists today have to take a different approach. Due to more competitors, the prices of imaging scans are quickly falling meanwhile the office overhead is increasing. CEOs and CIOs are desperately seeking advice and fixtures for these pressing measures. Ultimately it comes down to how their workflow can be improved? Where are the errors and are these fixable?

Over U.S. Imaging's multiple months of research of RIS vendors, what kept MedInformatix in the hunt was their ability to provide detailed orientated demos and outstanding onsite references. The icing on the cake for the U.S. Imaging's billing staff was during one of their many web demos when the demonstrator displayed the Collection Queue Management system and its ability to assign an individual Patient Type to each charge line. Until now, U.S. Imaging was unable to perform such tasks. In an industry where it is common to have outside billing, MedInformatix is proving that it can save money and time by bringing the billing back as an in-house element.

MedInformatix is expected to take U.S. Imaging Live on May 1, 2007. Although, there a many different moving components that occur during any implementation process, MedInformatix stays on top of the planning by sending a team to live onsite in Houston. A significant benefit for U.S. Imaging is that through data and image conversions by MedInformatix's development team, U.S. Imaging will be able to view all their historical records as well as any upcoming appointments - proving MedInformatix's philosophy of a seamless integration.

About Medinformatix:

Medinformatix, Inc. is a leading national provider of fully integrated Electronic Health Records. The products have been built around MedInformatix’s 25 years of workflow expertise. Our product is designed on a single database using Microsoft SQL. Whether the installation is a single physician who went Live in 1994, a national Cardiology practice, the busiest Radiology practice in Manhattan, or one of 15 other specialties we service, we accommodate their needs. See why so many practices from various specialties choose to use our award winning products: 13 Microsoft nominations in 8 years. Medinformatix can turn the dream of a paperless, integrated practice into a reality.