Blue River Marketing is now offering free marketing analysis for customers.

June 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(Boynton Beach, Fla. June 16, 2007) – There are an increasing number of businesses closing their doors with lots of reasons pointing to one main thing – marketing. Blue River Marketing wants to lend a helping hand to those companies by showing them simple, low-budget techniques that can turn their businesses around by offering free marketing analysis reports. The marketing reports will include an easy to follow guide where they can see how their business is being gauged (based upon Blue River’s unique LEAP market assessment), where their market has the potential to grow, and what their true target market and customers focus on. Other categories being covered are basic marketing ideas, branding, product reviews, and advanced advertising considerations.

“When we do these I.M.A’s (initial marketing analysis), our goal is to give the business owner an understanding of today’s growing market and where they fit in to it. We then use it as a spring board to explore different marketing techniques they might have not considered before. We talk about advertising strategies that are minimal in cost but have the potential to completely change the direction of their business,” says Gerald Landolfi, director of sales at Blue River Marketing.

“For example, if you now look at Bank of America they have changed their sign color to red. Why do you suppose they did that? Was it color psychology telling them that red evokes feelings such as love, passion, and excitement? Was it that at night time red is a color that our eyes can easily see? This is why we want to help them. It’s not fair that these mega companies can invest so much money into this research while the small business owner maybe doesn’t have the time or funds.” continues Landolfi. “We want you to grow; we want your business to thrive.”
Gerald Landolfi has been an entrepreneur all his life. Starting a number of businesses himself, he understands the complexity of the business market and wants to share his understanding and knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. Gerald is director of sales at Blue River Marketing, a marketing agency that’s geared in helping others achieve success.

As stated, Blue River’s goal is to help others achieve success by capturing your targeted market and giving them that “must have” experience. Their services include strategic brand development, research and benchmarking, as well as a host of communication and social marketing services. Visit Blue River Marketing online at

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