Carrington Receives Renawal Of Organic Certification for Aloe Vera

June 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Carrington Laboratories, Inc. (Nasdaq: CARN) today announced that Eco-Logica ( has renewed the organic certification for the Aloe vera L. grown at Finca Sábila, Carrington’s Costa Rica farming operation. Eco-Logica is recognized internationally by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the European Union and the government of Switzerland as an accredited certifying body. To its knowledge, Carrington is the only producer of Aloe vera whose farm is certified organic and manufactured in a kosher and ISO-certified facility that is cGMP by the FDA and, for an injectable biologic, by the USDA. According to the International Aloe Science Council, only some members are certified, but not all members provide documentation supporting their organic certification.

To ensure proper procedures were in place, as required for organic certification by Eco-Logica, Carrington hired Mr. Howard Garrett, "The Dirt Doctor," who visited Finca Sábila and helped formalize processes and maintenance programs needed to obtain organic certification. To conserve water, drip irrigation systems were installed and special systems were developed and implemented to protect vegetation and erosion during the intense rain season from July to November each year.

Carrington utilizes the certified organic Aloe vera to produce several proprietary raw materials sold in the medical, nutritional and cosmetic markets under the brands Acemannan Hydrogel™, Manapol® and Hydrapol™. Additionally, the company will be launching new raw materials in the second half of 2007 that will allow Carrington to reach new customers and expand its market share. All new products will contain Carrington’s certified organic Aloe vera. Use of these materials allows customers to claim "contains certified organically-grown Aloe vera" on their labeling and make certified organic skin care, dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. According to the Organic Trade Association ( 2006 Manufacturer Survey, the 2005 sales of organic non-foods grew 32.5% to $744 million in the United States. The leaders in this category were organic dietary supplements ($238 million with 29% growth) and personal care products ($282 million with 28% growth).

Carlton E. Turner, president and CEO, stated, "We are dedicated to protecting our environment and providing our customers with the highest quality raw materials and finished products. In fact, I am so committed to the organic approach that we are organic at my house."

Carrington – A Green Company
In addition to practicing organic farming methods, Carrington extends the "green philosophy" to all aspects of its global operations. Its corporate headquarters utilizes only organic landscaping methods, and all facilities have a recycling program in place for plastic, aluminum, and paper.
The recycling program also extends to Carrington’s subsidiaries Finca Sábila and Sábila Industrial where unused Aloe vera rinds are transported back to the farm and utilized as compost. Finca Sábila also utilizes the latest soil conservation, drainage and irrigation techniques to ensure that any excess rainwater runoff does not adversely affect its neighbors or community.

About Carrington
Carrington Laboratories, Inc. is an ISO 9001-certified, research-based, biopharmaceutical and consumer products company currently utilizing naturally-occurring complex carbohydrates to manufacture and market products for mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care, as well as to manufacture and market the nutraceutical raw material Manapol® and cosmetic raw material Hydrapol™. Carrington also manufactures and markets consumer products and manufactures quality products for other companies. Manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards. Carrington’s DelSite Biotechnologies subsidiary is developing its proprietary GelSite® technology designed to provide controlled release of peptide and protein-based drugs. Carrington’s technology is protected by more than 130 patents in 26 countries. Select products carry the CE mark, recognized by more than 20 countries around the world. For more information, visit

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