TankDepot.co.uk Masters the Blues!

June 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Leading tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk has added a new range of BlueMaster storage tanks, designed specifically for the storage of Adblue.

A solution comprised of urea and purified water, Adblue is used as an exhaust treatment in current generation Euro 4 and next generation Euro 5 commercial vehicles, incorporating Selective Catlaytic Reduction (SCR) Technology. When injected into the hot exhaust manifold of a commercial vehicle, Adblue breaks down into Ammonia –reacting with exhaust gases in the presence of a catalytic converter and coverting harmful oxides of Nitrogen into Nitrogen and Water.

Developed by leading tank manufacturer Titan to satisfy the requirements of commercial vehicle operators, the BlueMaster range has been designed for the safe, secure storage and dispensing of Adblue solutions.

TankDepot.co.uk’s Philip Breek says, “Adblue requires specialist containment, must be kept within strictly controlled conditions and stored within Adblue resistant containers. Failure to adhere to these requirements has the potential to destroy the expensive, sophisticated catalytic converters fitted as standard to SCR enabled commercial vehicles. In the case of an Adblue storage tank serving a fleet of vehicles, an incorrectly specified tank could destroy multiple catalytic converters, invalidate the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty and potentially cost £’000s. Additionally, if Adblue gets too hot… it vapourises. If it gets too cold, it freezes.

“That’s why BlueMaster Tanks have been engineered from the outset to acknowledge the specialist containment and handling requirements associated with Adblue. The materials used in the construction of BlueMaster Adblue Tanks have been tested and certified to ISO and CEFIC requirements. Additionally, the BlueMaster Adblue Tank range has achieved German DIBT Certification – License Number Z-40.21-385.

“To provide further reassurance, every BlueMaster is supplied complete with an active tank ventilation system as standard, with an advanced, thermostatically controlled heating system available as an additional cost option.”

The Titan Bluemaster range is available online from TankDepot.co.uk, in a choice of capacities from 1,300 litres to 5,000 litres. TankDepot.co.uk can also supply a comprehensive range of BioDiesel and Diesel Tanks; Heating Oil Tanks; Bulk Water Storage Tanks; and Oil Recycling Banks. For more information visit TankDepot.co.uk online at www.tankdepot.co.uk