Pharmacy OneSource Teams Up With FreshLoc Technologies and WTH Healthcare Networks to Automate USP 797 Environmental Monitoring

June 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bellevue, WA—June 17, 2007— Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software as a service provider to more than 1,000 hospitals in the United States, announced a partnership today with FreshLoc Technologies and its national distributor WTH Healthcare Networks to interface their wireless environmental monitoring sensors with Simplifi 797, a web-based application that simplifies meeting all of the quality requirements of USP Chapter 797.

"The business of FreshLoc is temperature and humidity recordkeeping: it makes sense to integrate that data into Simplifi 797,” stated Larry Riley, CEO of WTH Healthcare Networks. “FreshLoc is our premier brand exactly because it provides opportunities like this one, to deliver value and automation throughout hospitals.”

FreshLoc is a sensory network system providing quality control for temperature-sensitive processes. It monitors mission critical equipment and assets to assure compliance throughout a facility or an enterprise.

Using wireless sensors, FreshLoc automatically and continually logs temperature, humidity and other measures, delivering reports and alerts in real time.

“Most pharmacists see collecting temperature and humidity values as critical to safety and quality in sterile compounding, yet would much rather have it done automatically and wirelessly,” said Keith Streckenbach, Executive Vice President of Pharmacy OneSource. “After reviewing the options available, FreshLoc and WTH are the clear choice. We’re delighted to bring their patented technologies and 30-plus years of experience to our treasured customers, who place high value on exceptional technology and service at economical prices. Automatic documentation of temperature and humidity into Simplifi 797 is a huge win for our customers.”

Simplifi 797 by Pharmacy OneSource is a web-based application that automates, integrates and streamlines the quality activities and documentation required to meet USP Chapter 797, including competencies and batch processing. Simplifi 797 also manages task scheduling and monitoring and automates the reporting of exceptions and compliance.

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FreshLoc automates regulatory compliance, providing reports and records of safe storage and transport of customers’ perishables. Reliable, automatic and continuous, a Freshloc infrastructure delivers remote monitoring and real-time alerts for safety and quality assurance. The highly scalable Freshloc sensor network can serve a single department, the enterprise or an entire supply chain, utilizing small, watch-sized sensors to measure temperature, humidity and other critical metrics.

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WTH Healthcare Networks, Inc. provides solutions for healthcare and senior living facilities. Providing local support nationwide, the company is a network of seasoned technical professionals who have served the healthcare industry for over 30 years. WTH Healthcare Networks, Inc. delivers technology to ease operation, increase efficiency and reduce cost in safe environments.

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