Mr. Cold Call Seminars Introduces Two Innovative Cold Calling Techniques

August 15, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Boynton Beach, FL - Mr. Cold Call has introduced two innovative cold calling techniques during a Saturday, July 10 TeleSeminar called, "How To Make Cold Calling Fun And Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook!' These techniques were first introduced in audio program that was produced by Selling Power Magazine in June 2004.
According to Mr. Cold Call, "The Movie Star and Sales Clapping Card Techniques will revolutionize cold calling as we know it today. Both of these techniques are used either on a live call or on voicemail and involve calling on sales prospects that are quoted or pictured in a local or national publication. The Movie Star and Sales Clapping Techniques have been tested and proven to increase contact, callback, appointment and closing ratios.

Mr. Cold Call is the author of "How To Have Fun Cold Calling” and "115 Common Sales Objections, 156 Clever And Savvy Responses." According to Mr. Cold Call, "Your cold call success is dependent on 11 winning personality traits (known as your Telephone Persona Of Success!)." Collectively, these traits allow you to uniquely market yourself over the telephone so that you can inspire your prospect’s curiosity and reduce their resistance. Are you interested in finding out more about Mr. Cold Call? Then sign-up for his free weekly cold calling tips at