Successfully Launched

June 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Perth, WA, June 17, 2007 -, the premier advertisement management network, has launched worldwide on June 18, 2007. This new program essentially helps webmasters to market and sell ads to prospective advertisers on their websites.

This revolutionary new network is sure to change the way that publishers and advertisers come together to do business. Publishers working for Adtoll will make much more than any other network on the internet because AdToll believes that publishers should have the money they have rightfully made. Therefore, AdToll only takes 25% of the income that websites generate whereas other networks take, on average, more than 50% of websites generated income. Not only that, but AdToll provides one-on-one assistance to help publishers generate the most income such as advising in strategic places that ads should be placed.

The owner and lead developer of AdToll describes the innovative new service as, A new advertising network bringing together publishers and advertisers providing effective, profitable and reliable service.

AdToll supports users by offering text ads and banner ads in a plethora of different sizes. In addition, AdToll is known for its ability to, unlike other ad management services, to seamlessly blend advertisements with content to generate more revenue. AdToll also differs from others because it has the ability to reach the target market, which increases returns for both the publisher and the advertiser, and to provide detailed statistics, which helps publishers make determination on what type of ads to have.

AdToll accepts any site for business, no matter its content and language, and makes monthly payouts using PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. This groundbreaking program is available at