June 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Reston, Virginia/USA – June 2007. Tigerlily Foundation (Tigerlily) is proud to be celebrating its first year as a breast cancer advocacy organization. Founded by a breast cancer survivor, Tigerlily strives to educate, empower and enrich breast cancer patients, survivors, their families and the community. The organization that was begun as the vision of a survivor is now established in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and being sought after to represent breast cancer issues.

Tigerlily’s founder, Maimah Karmo, is “excited about the growth and warm reception of the organization. When I founded Tigerlily, I was still in bed going through chemo. I had a vision of helping other women, but really no idea what an impact we would make!.”

A sought after speaker, published writer, breast cancer and women’s rights advocate, Ms. Karmo is committed to advocating for breast cancer awareness, educating women (and men) around the world about breast cancer; and empowering them to celebrate their lives every day by harnessing their personal power.

Tigerlily not only celebrates its first year, but also is excited about being featured on News Channel 8, with Beverly Kirk, where Ms. Karmo spoke about Tigerlily’s programs and the importance of breast health.

Tigerlily had a presence on Capitol Hill in May, when the organization lobbied with the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBBC) on behalf of breast cancer initiatives. Along with key members of NBBC, Ms. Karmo visited and met with members of the Senate and their representatives.

Tigerlily was also asked to be a guest speaker at a Holy Cross Hospital breast cancer event, which was held in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. Ms. Karmo regularly makes radio and television appearances. In July, she was asked to serve as the Northern Virginia Chairperson for BeautiControl’s, Women Helping Others (WHO) Foundation, an organization which was “established to address health, education and wellness concerns specifically for women and children.”

The mission of Tigerlily is as follows:
• To promote consciousness and connection between women around the world.
• To promote breast cancer awareness, education and empowerment. Tigerlily’s goal is to save as many lives as possible by educating every woman, man and child, because breast cancer affects all of us.
• To empower women to live consciously, aware of the unique and amazing power each of us holds because we exist.
• To promote ferociously fearless females.

Tigerlily’s programs provide chemotherapy buddy support, group meetings for survivors, raise funds for people in need of financial aid, offer beauty and pampering services to women undergoing treatment and is dedicated to providing breast cancer support to the women of Liberia, as well as women around the world. We are also particularly dedicated to helping those in underserved communities and minorities.

According to the National Cancer Institute, this year, 1 in four women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that affects every man, woman and child. Get involved. Visit www.tigerlilyfoundation.org today to learn about our programs and services.