www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk Warn Consumers That the Time to Plan Your London 2012 Olympic Games Accommodation is Now

June 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
London, UK June 2007 — www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk - the one-stop resource for information on booking accommodation, car hire and insurance for the Olympic Games - has today announced that finding accommodation nearer the time of the event could be more difficult than many travelers would have been anticipating.

As the event gets closer, and as businesses start to become more confident as their bookings increase for the event, price hikes will inevitably follow, says Bruce Abbott of www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk: “At the moment hotels, guest houses and rented accommodation owners are happy to offer reduced pricing to ensure they have an adequate amount of bookings for the event. However as the event gets closer and as they become more confident of being fully booked, they will start to shift the price point upwards in anticipation of an increased demand for accommodation during the event. That is why we are encouraging people to place an initial booking at this time; they will be able to relax knowing they have somewhere to stay, and they will inevitably save money as well.”

www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk is also confident that travelers coming to London for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by the array of great accommodation that is on offer. For those that wish to stay in a plush hotel, London has many 5 star hotels which are suitable for the most extravagant of guests. As well as plush hotels, there are also more moderately priced options such as guest houses, lodging facilities, rented accommodation and hostels. Through having such a great selection everyone should be able to find the accommodation which they are looking for, which is one of many reasons why London was successful in their bid to host the event according to www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk.

Bruce Abbott comments that preparing early will also mean that traveling will be made easier for those attending the Olympic Games: “traveling too and from the event on public transport will be no easy task when the city will be so busy during the time the games are on. That is why it is best to ensure you are staying somewhere which is within walking distance of where they will be held. Because demand for places nearer the event will be much higher, one of the only ways to ensure that you will be able to stay near there is to book now. Should you fail to book in advance, and thus miss out on near by accommodation, we recommend you consider renting a car or traveling to the events at least an hour before they start. ”

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www.hotelslondonolympicgames.co.uk is a website which has information on available accommodation for the London 2012 Olympic Games, such as guest houses, lodging houses, rented accommodation and hotels. The website also has information such as traveling guides; how to rent a car in London during the games, and how to get insured for your trip. As well as providing information for travelers, the website allows businesses based in London to advertise ahead of the big event.


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