Study Concludes Indoor Water Fountain Cleans Air Better Than Most Air Cleaners

June 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Englewood, CO June 2007 — Accents in Water, an Englewood based manufacturing company, invested in a study to see if any health benefits would result from having an indoor water feature. The study’s conclusion is surprising. It shows water features cleaning air better than most air cleaners. In addition, the study indicates that Accents In Water’s features not only remove dust they also neutralize bacteria and potential viruses from the air.

Dr. Joe Boatman, of Quality Environmental Services, conducted the study. He put a 3’x7’ fountain, manufactured by Accents In Water, in a 2700 sq. ft room while pumping 400 cubic feet per minute of air into the room at various times over the course of a month. Results showed the indoor water feature having removed as much debris as one of the best air filtering systems on the market, a HEPA-style air cleaner.

In another study, Dr. Boatman tested three different water features to determine whether the water reservoirs remained free of mold and bacteria during operation. The study compared the ability of SANIGUARD anti-microbial coating combined with an ultraviolet light sterilization system inside three feature’s tank to effectively clean the water. The fountain with the UV light and the anti-microbial coating proved highly effective. It not only controlled bacteria contamination but also prevented the formation of yeast and molds, a common concern among consumers.

Decades of scientific research reveal that sound and visual images of falling water increase creative productivity, reduce stress, and accelerate healing processes. Now in addition to these benefits, water fountains can add more attributes to the list: cleaning air and controlling bacteria. Therefore, it’s now possible to have a soothing, creative atmosphere while purifying one’s air at the same time.

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