Kids Discuss Their Way to Character

May 23, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Jean Tracy, former teacher, child/family counselor and probation officer knows something about children and families. She says, “I know where they begin and where they can end up when parents are confused about parenting.” From her years of working with families, Tracy has designed a program for building character in kids.
Over her career, Tracy developed concepts that evolved into her parent/child discussion book, “Character Building on BackTalk Street.” She says, “Parents make the best counselors for their children. By reading problem stories, parents learn what their children are thinking and feeling.” Tracy says, “When parents probe, listen, and appreciate their children’s thoughts, they are guiding their children to become people of character.”
Tracy’s alter ego, “Granny Jean,” narrates each story of the kids on BackTalk Street. Children meet kids like Tilly the Tattle, Sammy the Slacker, and Bubba the Bully. They hear their stories, read their letters, and solve their problems too. One question at the end of every story is, “What advice would you give?” Tracy says, “Parents might be amazed at what their children say.”
Her book is designed for elementary age children. “I want every parent to have this fun tool for building character into the hearts and minds of their children,” says Tracy.
“The average child watches 23 hours of television a week. It only takes about 30 minutes for each story,” she says. “Once a week would be great.” Her book includes stories, puzzles, and reward stickers.

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