DDRTV’s Ceo Headed By Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal Awardee

June 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Every year, the National Republican Congressional Committee awards outstanding businesses and individuals in recognition of their achievements and contribution to the American business economy. One prestigious award, the Ronald Reagan Republican Medal is given to an individual or business that represents the beloved former presidentís vision and acts toward the same dream for entrepreneurial America.

In 2004, a Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal was awarded to Mr. Michael Beskin CEO and President of Digital Direct Response Television Inc., a leading advertising company in the United States. The honour was given as recognition for Mr. Beskinís efforts to achieve growth and stability for small businesses in the country. According to the statement released by the National Republican Congressional Committee, Mr Beskinís ďunyielding support, outstanding leadership in business, and display of commitment to President Ronald Reaganís visionĒ is just what garnered him the prominent award. He was chosen among a highly select group of businesses and professionals nominated for the same recognition.

DDRTVís president boasts of decades of professional experience in the field of sales and marketing. From selling Roberta Martin Cosmetics Inc products and working as a detail salesman for Abbot Labs, he became the National Vice President of Sales for Revlon and soon after became their National Sales Manager. Beskin went on to work for one major pharmaceutical company to another, with each company carrying him further upward on the corporate ladder of success.

Shortly thereafter, he began selling incense products under his new company, the American Fragrance Co., then, in 1979, established Beskin Industries. Under this new firmís banner came the invention, manufacturing, and marketing of the first and only patented smoking cessation drug, ďCall it Quits Mouth Spray and LozengeĒ. Backed by an innovative mail order-marketing campaign, the product was a surprising success and raked-in $27,000,000.

His extensive experience in sales and marketing gave him a firm foundation to stand on for his next endeavour, the DDRTV Inc. and helped lead it to success. Beskinís DDRTV Inc. now boasts of a powerful retail sales force and has become the leader in mail order marketing, a significant part of the direct marketing industry.

DDRTV formula for success includes fostering a strong working partnership with its clients, utilizing its countless resources, and collaborating with several major media and retail organizations in order to bring a promising product closer to the end consumer. Using their well-established marketing strategies, the company aggressively targets a weekly sale of 100,000 units for each product they handle.

With a system founded on sound marketing plans and proven direct-selling strategies, DDRTV has become the medium new labels and even recognized and trusted brands use to make their products and services known to the world. Whether it be through television, print ads, radio, and the Internet, Beskinís DDRTV continues to take the lead in terms of direct marketing, bringing huge sales through direct response mail order business.

With national recognition now under his belt, there seems to be no stopping Mr. Beskin from taking his business to new heights. He continues, through DDRTV Inc., to take new and old products to the customers in an effective and efficient manner, benefiting billions of lives not only in the world of business but in the US as a whole.

Digital Direct Response Television Incorporated is a major advertising company in the United States. Its expertise lies with TV infomercials, print ads, radio, and internet advertising. It is currently a leader in terms of direct media advertising for over three decades.