Honeymark Launches Affiliate Program

June 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Manufacturer of high-end, over the counter health care products announces affiliate opportunities to webmasters with high traffic web sites. Affiliate programs have become a very popular way of making money on the Internet. Webmasters have been enjoying the opportunity of generating additional revenue by placing affiliate banners on their site and earning a commission each time someone from their site clicks on the banner and places an order. In an effort to increase Internet sales as well as online exposure, Honeymark has launched their affiliate program offering 10% revenue share commissions on all sales.

Honeymark manufactures over the counter health care products containing Active Manuka Honey as a healing agent. Manuka Honey is a special type of honey only found in the New Zealand region that has been used to heal and cure a variety of symptoms. Even though Manuka Honey has been used as a natural remedy for many years, recent studies have indicated that it has more healing properties than even antibiotics, making it an amazing natural resource.

Why should webmasters consider joining Honeymark's Affiliate Program? Honeymark is the leading manufacturer of Manuka Honey products in the U.S. Even though it may appear that there are similar products on the market, Honeymark products far supersede the average products found in most retail stores. The medicinal properties of Manuka Honey are so powerful, trial studies have shown that they've worked on the most severe cases when others didn't.

What makes Manuka Honey so special? Manuka Honey has an antibacterial activity, due primarily to hydrogen peroxide formed in a "slow-release" manner by the enzyme glucose oxidase present. It contains an additional antibacterial component found only in honey produced from Leptospermum plants. This has been called the "Unique Manuka Factor" (UMF). "There is evidence that the two antibacterial components found in Manuka Honey may have a synergistic action," says Frank Buonanotte, Honeymark's CEO. "Studies indicate that Manuka Honey is more effective than hydrogen peroxide against some types of bacteria."

Honeymark has had so much success with its online sales that developing an affiliate program allowing other websites to sell their products fits into the company's plan to expand it's brand recognition to world-wide markets. Additionally, Honeymark is also in discussion with many distributors and retailers about getting Honeymark products on their shelves in an effort to increase off-line sales. The company also plans to announce an expanded product line later this year including cosmetic products containing Manuka Honey.

For more information or to join Honeymark's affiliate program, go to http://www.honeymarkproducts.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=23. Being a Honeymark affiliate is absolutely free and requires no effort other than to post a Honeymark banner on your website. To learn more about Honeymark products, go to www.HoneymarkProducts.com.