Former KGB Operative, Martial Arts Expert Shares Secrets and Combat Techniques Behind Systema Art of “Ballistic Striking”

June 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Val Riazanov, former KGB operative and Russian Special Forces member, introduces the Ballistic Striking element of the Riazanov Combat System™ in his new Martial Arts eBook The Science of Ballistic Strikes.

Ballistic Striking, which combines concepts from Russian Combat Samba and Judo with the Russian Martial Art known as Systema, provides techniques that help the average person quickly and effectively deal with the unpleasant elements of self and family protection.

“This system is for everyone; you don’t have to be a professional or have six black belts in different martial arts to understand and practice Ballistic Striking,” said Riazanov. “I have taught hundreds of ordinary people as well as the Special Forces teams how to quickly learn the principles of Ballistic Striking.”

Through his KGB, Special Forces and martial arts training in Russian Combat Samba, Judo and Systema, Val has become an expert in “the psychology of confrontation”. “It is good to be trained to defend yourself, to walk with confidence and know you can handle yourself in any type of situation,” said Riazanov.

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