7 Easy Tips to Help Kids Handle their SAT Results

June 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Jacqueline LoBosco, Ph.D., SAT expert and author of How to Ace the SAT Without Losing Your Cool, shares the 7 secrets to helping kids handle the results of their SAT scores! Dr. LoBosco has been in the independent education industry for over a decade and has helped hundreds of students achieve their goal scores and keep their cool while doing so. Approximately 2.2 million students take the SAT annually and many of them will be getting their June 2nd scores back on June 21st.

7 Easy Tips to Help Kids Handle their SAT Results!

1. Create a safe space for your child to communicate his or her feelings.The SAT process can bring up lots of fear, worry, frustration and disappointment. Let your child know that you are available for them to discuss any concerns, and process any negative feelings.
2. Congratulate your child for taking the test! Acknowledge him or her for facing what may have been the most demanding and taxing academic challenge they'll ever encounter during their pre-adult years.
3. Help your child celebrate their SAT successes. Students have a tendency to concentrate on their failures instead of their successes. Help them identify any success achieved and acknowledge his or her accomplishment.
4. Don't dwell on the negative. Encourage your child to make decisions about how to move forward and support them as they do.
5. Help your child identify any factors that may have hindered them and encourage them to make adjustments. This can be a wonderful opportunity to learn from mistakes and make corrections.
6. Help your child to re-identify his or her goals. During the SAT prep process, it is common to lose sight of goals and the reasons why the original goals were set. Take this opportunity to help your child re-identify their goals and re-establish their motivation for achieving their aims.
7. Create an action plan for success. Once goals have been re-identified, help your child identify what steps must be taken to achieve future success.

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