SURGEONS PRESENT LABIAPLASTY STUDY AT IUGA CONFERENCE Event Marks the First Study Presented Internationally on Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

June 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
ATLANTA, Georgia, June 24, 2007 – Dr. John Miklos and Dr. Robert Moore recently returned from the International Urogynecological Associations’ meeting in Cancun, Mexico. A comprehensive study on the topic of labiaplasty was presented, marking the first time ever that aesthetic vaginal surgery has been discussed formally at an IUGA conference.

The 32nd annual reunion of IUGA took place at the Coral Beach Cancun Hotel on June 12 – 16, 2007. The conference featured workshops, lectures, debates, and presentations.

The Atlanta-based team presented a comprehensive study of 131 labiaplasty patients over a 32-month period. Nearly 1500 doctors came from all over the world to learn more about the research of Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore.

“Overall, cosmetic vaginal surgery was more openly received at this meeting than has ever been before. Interest is high because this study finally put some science behind the medical needs of women,” says Dr. Moore. “Women have been having symptoms for years and have been turned down by doctors. This study opens doctors’ eyes to its legitimacy.”

During the study, three subsets of patients were evaluated: Patients seeking the procedure strictly for aesthetic reasons, patients with identifiable functional impairment/symptoms (pain and discomfort), and patients with both aesthetic and symptomatic motives to undergo treatment.

“62% of all women requesting this procedure [labiaplasty] do so for functional or symptomatic reasons,” says Miklos. “Some of these include discomfort wearing clothing, during exercise and activity, or during intercourse.”

The conclusion: The majority of patients undergoing labia reduction do so for functional/symptomatic reasons with minimal outside influences affecting their decision for treatment.

The landmark presentation at the IUGA conference by Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore demonstrates the changing perception of a once highly controversial procedure.
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