Introduces Five New Weight Loss Supplements

June 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New Smyrna Beach, FL — (6-28-07) This week unveiled a series of innovative weight loss supplements that are proving effective for a growing list of clients.

Appetite Answer, Carb Control, Fat Fighter, Fat Furnace Fuel, and Multi-Vitamin specifically address key issues that affect anyone interested in losing weight while maintaining good health.

SlimStuff supplements are made with all natural ingredients and use the body's natural processes to promote weight loss. Using "F2" as a key ingredient, the weight loss supplement is designed to raise the body's metabolism and create a thermogenic response. This burns fat while leaving lean muscle tissue in place.

"Within a few weeks you'll find your body is trimmer and firmer," said President of Steve Edwards.

Because of the very precise way the natural ingredients and nutrients are blended, dieters experience high energy levels. "Instead of feeling tired from dieting, you are more alive and have more energy. Most people tell us they feel years younger," Mr. Edwards said.

* Appetite Answer uses A2 to curb hunger and cravings.
* C2 Carb Control limits the negative effects of carbohydrates.
* F2 Fat Fighter prevents fat from being stored in the body
* F3 Fat Furnace Fuel makes the body burn up fat at a faster rate
* CN37 Multi-Vitamin provides the body's cells with necessary nutrients

"Our modern diets are filled with processed and chemically treated foods that don't give us the nutrients we need to maintain optimum health. SlimStuff's line of supplements gives people everything they need to feel great, lose weight fast, and stay well throughout the year," said Mr. Edwards. also features a personal nutrition program that gives customers the guidance and motivation needed to successfully lose weight. The SlimStuff strategy bases each weight loss effort on two guiding principles: eat only for nutritional needs, not emotional reasons; resolve to eat "good" foods while excluding "bad" foods.

"Up to 95% of people who diet ultimately gain the weight back. We feel it's important to give people a sound strategy, effective supplements, and the encouragement they need to truly lose weight forever," stated Mr. Edwards.

The line of supplements is available for purchase at All are made in the U.S. in FDA approved facilities.