New generation of high-tech cosmetic lasers make pain a thing of the past

June 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Marina Del Rey, CA

Malana Medical Spa in Marina Del Rey, CA has recently announced the launch of their new website and introduced cutting edge treatments with the revolutionary Pixel laser, the latest in laser skin rejuvenation technology offered by Alma lasers.

In the past decade, lasers have made their way into medical spas and cosmetic surgeons' offices. Although a considerable amount of pain or discomfort was involved when this new technology surfaced on the market, laser procedures offered non-invasive alternatives to some forms of cosmetic surgery or treatment, while significantly reducing recovery time.

While all patients benefit from the advent of new cosmetic treatment technologies in the form of reduced down-time and less invasive procedures, the emphasis is now placed on preventing further damage as well as correcting imperfections, rather than dealing with the problem in a more drastic way later on. And with a new generation of lasers now on the market, pain and discomfort is virtually a thing of the past.

The Pixel laser is used for skin resurfacing in the treatment of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, poor skin texture and large pores. Every laser pulse creates tiny ablative zones which remove the epidermis and dermis. This triggers the body's own healing response and stimulates the growth of new healthy tissue around the ablative zones. By treating smaller areas and leaving the surrounding tissue intact, the skin heals rapidly with amazing results. An added benefit of Pixel is that it stimulates collagen production for several months following treatment. The Pixel laser has also been very effective in treating acne scars to resurface pitted damaged skin and promote a nicer, smoother texture.

During the treatment, patients can expect a very minimal amount of pain or discomfort caused by the Pixel laser and other lasers such as the IPL, which may be used in conjunction with the Pixel depending on the treatable condition. Cooling gel and cool airflow is applied, followed by the application of lasers and a sensation which is described as tiny rubber bands being snapped against the skin. After the treatment, patients may notice redness akin to a minor sunburn and a minuscule grid-like imprint on the skin, a normal occurence which disappears as the skin exfoliates. Recovery time is minimal and many choose to return to work immediately after the treatment. To minimize discomfort, patients may be offered a topical cream or gel to apply as needed.

Over the following weeks, patients will experience exfoliating and flaking, followed by the emergence of newly surfaced skin. Brown spots are visibly reduced, pores are tightened and there is a significant improvement in overall skin clarity, texture, tone and wrinkling. Although several sessions may be required to eradicate more persistent problems, most patients experience a noted improvement after the first treatment.

Lasers are not the only high-tech tools used in the prevention of aging. Botox is still widely used to smoothe fine lines and wrinkles, but a new generation of dermal fillers and injectables now work to stimulate the body's ability to turn the clock back.

Dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvéderm are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally ocurring in the human body which helps to hydrate and maintain volume. These injectables maintain their shape by binding to the body's moisture. As the acid degrades, it binds to more water and over time, the same volume is maintained with less of the acid injected. These fillers promote the natural formation of volume within the body in the areas where injected.

Treatments offered at Malana Medical Spa are under direct physician supervision and are provided by licensed R.N.s or M.D.s. Malana Medical Spa is a Professional Corporation directed by Mark R. Pulera, M.D., Medical Director, and a member of the Medical Spa Society.

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