New Artificial Intelligence teaches language to consumers

June 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
LOS ANGELES, CA, June 29, 2007 – The MCFIII Co. today announced the introduction of Language-Expertbot™, an exciting feature-rich Artificial Intelligence software to the Language learning Industry. We offer software immersion with a real person 24 hours a day for pennies to the Language learning Industry. We have made a sample demo available to the industry at

Language-Bot™ encourages the student to learn in real life situations. Learning bot helps them know what to expect and how to respond in our see, learn, and interact in real life situations. Our interactive immersion scenes are based on everyday scenarios, which strengthen and prepare their abilities in a realistic fun way.

MCFIII Co. has spent over eight years developing this cutting edge AI interactive technology. MCFIII has been using this underlying technology in other industries, with more than 150,000 users over the last two years.

Language-Bot™ joins our popular DIY-Expertbot™ and other industries that MCFIII has targeted as helping our partners assist and serve their own customers by offering effective and engaging learning experiences. The many possible scenes, including our sample demo of taking “A taxi cab ride”, a trip to the grocery store, meet and greet situations, sports chat, and ordering a meal at a restaurant, all bring the learning to life. This allows the student to join in conversations with the characters in everyday circumstances, and break-out of the classroom to real life.

To the viewer, Language-Bot™ looks like a real human on a standard web cam, helping and communicating with the student. Combining our Artificial Intelligence technology with a video library of numerous shots of a live actor, Language-Bots™ creates the realistic appearance of a live, real time interaction with a human expert on the other end.

Language-Bot™ is a proven tool, with a “human touch,” able to create the very realistic illusion that a student is actually interacting in a real life situation. MCFIII's technology is the next generation in the convergence of Internet and telephone customer interaction.

“After having started the billion dollar Voicemail, automated attendant industry with TFLX™ in 1988, I am very excited to help create the same revolution in the use of Artificial Intelligence bots in many industries,” said Scott McTyre, president of MCFIII, “This technology allows answers to the customer’s questions and the ability to up-sell them on other products or service. Whether the Language-Bot™ is a friendly cartoon, or has the trusted face of a teacher, the focus is on making the student as comfortable and at ease with the immersion as possible. This interactive technology gives them the ability to get the interactive answers and practice they are looking for with their computer or cell phones at a moments notice. In addition, our partners may want further money-making possibilities with sell-thru other services and product based on the interaction with your student."

MCF III provides front-end solutions for companies who want "the personal touch" in responding to their customers' needs.

For further information and pricing contact Scott McTyre at: Please see for a free online demo and information.

The MCFIII Co. provides leading edge A-I software to companies. Some industries we deal with are the 'Do It Yourself' Home improvement Industry, Language learning, Embedded toy/dolls, Medical, Hollywood films and many more.