The Top Ten Online Universities In The World

July 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Four of the top ten, online colleges in the world are not "born in the USA" according to the 2007 edition of THE BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS. The book examines the online programs using a five point rating system that weighs heavily on the quality and experience of each institution's faculty. The Book has been continuously published since 2002 and updates the list of rated colleges annually.

The top ten in order are: (1) The University of London; (2) The University of South Africa; (3) The University of Phoenix; (4) The University of Texas; (5) The University of South Australia; (6) The University of Southern Queensland; (7) The University of Maryland University College; (8) Golden Gate University; (9) Ellis College of NYIT; and (10) Stanford University.

According to the author, Fred DiUlus, the CEO & Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., the number one school, the University of London, is the best distance and online university in the world. This university, notes DiUlus, has been around since the 1830's.

DiUlus goes on to point out that all the schools in the top ten are exceptional.

When it comes to North America, the University of Phoenix, he says, wins. "No amount of jealousy, backbiting by traditionalists, or finding fault with their extremely successful marketing strategy will take away from the fact that Phoenix is the best online provider in America." He credits their success and being the largest university in North America to providing instructors who are respected and among the best scholar practitioners in higher education. "It's a simple formula", he says, "and they deliver."

Most of the current online degree providers have offered complete programs for less than five years notes DiUlus. "I see many of these 'new' online offerings as suffering from severe inadequacy that causes many in higher education to regard them as inferior to on-ground traditional program counterparts."

The BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS measures only those institutions DiUlus feels are credible. If an institution is not in the book it is either too new to be rated, under current rating consideration, or at worst, too poor a provider to even merit a rating.

The Book is a free download from Global Academy Online, Inc.