GAME Bedlam sees numbers increase by 250% in 1st quarter of 2005!

May 31, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News

GAME Bedlam is designed to get young people out from behind their computer consoles and TVís and into the outdoors and fresh air. GAME Bedlam allows players to experience the scenarios from their favourite computer games and TV shows in a real and controlled environment. All scenarios place a heavy emphasis on tactics, teamwork and strategy in order to succeed. In other words, players require real intelligence rather that artificial intelligence to achieve their objectives.

The package was a huge success in 2004 with well over 2000 players taking part. Many of these players were large school groups. Around 20 schools, from all over Scotland, took their pupils to one of Bedlamís sites (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen) last year. All of these schools have booked again for 2005 and more and more are signing up as the year progresses. According to school staff, GAME Bedlam provides a fantastic day out for the kids, often as part of an end of term activity day, in a fun and safe environment. Feedback from teachers has been fantastic with one recent participant sending an e-mail to say that she wanted to ďthank all the staff involved in our Game Bedlam experience last week. The kids (and dare I say the staff) had a great time.Ē Another wrote to say ďThe feedback from the staff, parents and pupils was very positive and a great time was had by all… We greatly appreciate the time you invested with our pupils.Ē

With so much attention focussed on childhood health and obesity these days, many parents are trying to get their kids to become more active. Children and young people donít seem to be interested in exercise though. In fact, most of them seem to detest it and are far happier sitting on the sofa with a console controller in their hand. This is where GAME Bedlam comes in. Most kids associate exercise with the sort of activities they try and avoid by skiving off P.E. classes. GAME Bedlam, however, provides an activity that is not seen as exercise but rather as a fun day out. Obviously this is true but it also provides a fantastic 3 and a half-hour cardiovascular workout, as well as a mental one. Not only do all participants end up running about for the session, they also have to make split second decisions and think on their feet.

With all this in mind, it is clear to see why GAME Bedlam has been such a roaring success. In fact, in the first quarter of 2005, player numbers were up by a massive 250%. If this trend continues, GAME Bedlam would see 5000 young paintballers go through their doors by the end of the year.

For more information about GAME Bedlam you can check out their website at or call them on 07000 233 526 (07000 BEDLAM).