Plusabroad Launches Spain's First Website Inviting the Boomer Generation to Educational Travel in Europe

July 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Madrid, Spain. – July 9, 2007 – The concept is not new, but it could never be truer: you are never too old to learn. Spain's first website for active baby boomers has just been launched. Plusabroad showcases educational travel in Europe with challenges for active adults to engage life-long learning and new experiences. Plusabroad offers programs related to art, cinema, wine-tasting, cooking, language learning, yoga, music, or low-impact sports such as cycling or walking in Spain, Italy, Holland and Belgium.

Sara Díaz, Programs Director for Plusabroad clarifies, “Our participants are active adults who are interested in life long learning and who want to combine it with travel in Europe. We generalize a bit for the sake of space by using the word edutainment to explain our programs. We also put emphasis on the word “active” because this is the essential quality required to partake in activities like hiking and cycling in an educational travel program. The plus stands for the extra educational component which is inherent in every one of our programs´´.

Language learning for active adults
Active adults who are comfortable taking classes with professional teachers and combining cultural activities may find Plusabroad to their liking. All cultural programs in Spain are combined with Spanish language classes. The programs are designed for adult learners who want to learn Spanish or improve their current language skills while discovering Spanish art and culture first hand with experts. Ms. Díaz again emphasizes that, “Language learning can be a lot of fun and it'll take some of the language fear out of your travel plans.”

Why Baby Boomers?
With the longevity revolution, the boomer generation has an unprecedented opportunity to travel, to explore new cultures, to meet new people, to learn a new language…to live the biggest life possible. In 1935, the average person lived to be 63. Today, for those who live to be 64, the average person has nearly 20 years more to live. This will be the longest, most unstructured time of their lives.

About Plusabroad
Plusabroad, is run by a Madrid-based, mixed team of Spanish and American professionals in marketing, business administration, informational technology and communications. It is a provider of educational travel in Europe where “edutainment” and low-impact adventure edu-travel are the key words. Its goal is to empower active adults to travel and learn more.