Weight Loss: It's Worth a Shot

July 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Women and men struggling to lose those fabled "20 pounds" have a new, natural alternative that is a shot in the arm when it comes to weight loss literally. Houston Health and Wellness has developed a groundbreaking weight-loss injection based on over 40 years of hormone research and the practical application the study results.

Since the 1960s, doctors have been treating men and women with a special hormone that turns their bodies into more fine-tuned, turbo-charged fat-burning machines. Houston Health and Wellness has taken this proven weight-loss method and used it as the basis for an all-new proprietary weight loss injection program. This unique course of injections utilizes not only the famed weight-loss hormone, but a proprietary serum of vitamins and amino acids as well.

There are three kinds of fat in the human body: structural fats around joints and organs, fats burned for energy, and secured fats that are stored in places like the hips, middle, and thighs. The first two fats are good fats. The third, secured fats, are the fats that make us look heavy. To properly and effectively lose weight, a person needs to lose their secured fats. Houston Health and Wellness has developed a system that helps clients do just that.

The injection program works on a one-month-on, one-month-off schedule. In the first month, the subject follows a special restricted diet. The restricted diet ensures that the fat-burning hormone focuses on the stored secured fats and not on additional ingested fats. The subject receives the hormone injection daily Monday through Friday and a special amino acid and vitamin injection once weekly. Clients experience no downtime or recovery during this series of injections, and they report a boost in energy and well-being. This hormone injection process lasts 30 days. In that first month, some clients have burned as much as 15 to 20 pounds.

After the first month, the client stops receiving all injections. During the "off month," clients still remain actively involved in their weight loss, spending their time working on digestive issues, reorganizing eating habits, determining exercise schedules, and taking part in some body maintenance processes such as bowel cleansing and liver cleansing. The client spends the "off month" making sure the body is kept in excellent working condition so that it is primed to lose more weight.

When the off month is up, it's time to go back on the daily and weekly injections, and the weight starts to burn off again. Participants can repeat this process as many months as it takes for them to reach their goal weight. Then, to maintain that goal weight, clients just keep up a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. If they find the pounds creeping back on, clients can always take the injections again. There's no limit to how many times a subject can take part in this weight loss program.

"This is a healthy way to lose weight," says Dr. Michiel Rorick of Houston Health and Wellness. "The classic starvation diet fails because the body starts to burn the 'good' fats, such as structural fats, before it burns the 'bad' fats that make us look heavy, the secured fats. Once structural fats are burned, you cannot build them back."

"Unfortunately," Rorick continues, "the body responds to starvation by burning every 'good' fat before it starts burning any 'bad' fats, meaning it takes months to lose that pesky belly, even if you are starving yourself to a point of malnutrition. Starvation diets simply don't work."

Houston Health and Wellness has discovered a way to force the body to burn those secured fats first instead of last. The hormone injections scavenge the body for secured fats and burn them away, making program participants drop the thick thighs and round belly they once struggled to lose.

Houston Health and Wellness has been in business since 1986, integrating chiropractic, medical care, physical therapy, and wellness programs into one distinctive environment of specialists. The diverse Houston Health and Wellness team tailors its programs to fit each client's needs, offering personal attention and a dedication to results. Houston Health and Wellness hosts many wellness programs in addition to its innovative weight loss injection course.

Houston Health and Wellness is the only business in Houston offering this particular weight-loss injection. It is 100% safe and has proven to be effective for hundreds of happy, healthy clients. To find out more about this revolutionary weight-loss program, visit www.houstonhealthandwellness.com or contact Dr. Rorick at 281.496.3355.