EQUELLA 3.1 Globalises Innovative Learning Technology

July 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Tasmania, Australia – July 5th, 2007 – The Learning Edge International, providers of leading digital repository, EQUELLA – announce the release of Version 3.1. EQUELLA 3.1 continues to provide innovative functionality that has been developed in collaboration with educational clients and partners worldwide. Version 3.1 extends EQUELLA’s potential for institutions globally, with internationalisation and localisation support.

“The release of EQUELLA 3.1 follows the establishment of The Learning Edge International’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which has led to open sharing of ideas and advancements to EQUELLA’s capabilities,” said Roger Edmonds, Department of Education & Children Services South Australia. “As a CAB member, we are energised by the collaborative nature of the development process behind EQUELLA 3.1.”

New functionality incorporated into EQUELLA is a result of The Learning Edge International’s collaboration with its existing global client base. The Learning Edge International released EQUELLA 3.1 after undergoing internal quality assurance testing and our client Early Availability programme.

“EQUELLA is fast becoming recognised as the leading digital repository available on the market today,” said Bob Cupitt, Chief Executive Officer, The Learning Edge International. “Version 3.1 builds upon existing functionality in the areas of digital rights, workflow, metadata tagging and copyright management – to now include multiple language support. This enhancement enables EQUELLA’s capabilities to be experienced by users worldwide, regardless of preferred language.”

Highlights of this release include:

Internationalisation and localisation: Provides the ability to view EQUELLA and its content in a user’s preferred language, and enables content contribution in multiple languages. EQUELLA also allows for the customisation of any text on the screen, allowing for institution-specific branding.

Ability to edit published plans: Teachers will now be able to edit an existing published plan in the Assembler. This allows for greater facilitation of content moderation.

Content quota restrictions: The ability to restrict the amount of content a user may upload based on their person, groups, roles, IP address, HTTP referrer, etc. This policy can be customised for institutions with differing requirements.

Navigation menu builder and content aggregator: Provides a means for aggregating content with a navigable menu, with future emphasis on creating and modifying IMS packages via standard contribution wizards.

Automatic creation of users via shared secrets: EQUELLA supports on-the-fly creation of users when it is accessed by integration agents (e.g., Learning Management Systems such as BlackboardTM). The system provides the ability to modify usernames to avoid ambiguity, and automatically place them into groups.

All user management plug-ins become wrappers: EQUELLA now allows for any combination of user management plug-ins to be enabled. This flexibility provides institutions with a greater mix of authentication and directory services.

Google federated search extension: Allow for additional constant query parts to be added for each federated search with Google. An example of where this can be used is the Open Courseware site - http://ocw.mit.edu.

Task list enhancements: Provides the means for filtering, searching and sorting the task list.

Bulk import of users via CSV and SOAP: EQUELLA now allows for users to be created or updated in bulk via a CSV file, or programmatically via our SOAP interfaces.

For additional information about EQUELLA 3.1, please visit www.equella.com or contact info@equella.com. To receive a demonstration of EQUELLA 3.1, contact sales@thelearningedge.com.au.

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The Learning Edge International is a leading software solutions provider to the educational market. The Learning Edge International's principal offering is EQUELLA, a Digital Repository that incorporates Learning Objects, Learning Content Management and integrated content authoring. EQUELLA is supported worldwide by teams located within Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe and the United States.

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