Engineer Turned Makeup Artist Creates Mineral Makeup Line for All

July 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Makeup artist Leah Patterson believes there's no reason to sacrifice
healthy skin when trying to look good. That's the thought behind her
line, Etniq Mineral Cosmetics.

Patterson, a Chicago native and Howard University chemical engineering
grad who focuses on holistic beauty, has created high-quality
eyeshadows, foundations, blushes and bronzers that are good for skin.

"Minerals protect the skin from sun damage and environmental
elements," she says. "The ingredients actually adhere to the skin so
you have perfect coverage all day. It doesn't clog pores and you can
even sleep in it without worrying!"

Etniq uses non-organic materials that stave off bacteria, mold and
fungus, extending the products' usefulness beyond the shelf life of
many others. Mineral makeup can help even out skin tone, cover acne
and scarring, and blemishes. If you've got an active lifestyle, Etniq
is for you, she says.

"I wanted to create a mineral makeup line with bold colors and a funky
uniqueness that would stay in place while dancing, swimming and

An aesthetician, Patterson studied at Dudley's Beauty College and owns
Soul Revival Mobile Spa for in-home services and private parties.
She's taught wellness seminars for about five years, created a line of
specialty herbal hair and body products, and works as wellness editor
for BellaOnline.

Etniq launched in March 2007. She's hoping to create a new era of hip,
multicultural, holistic beauty with it. Individual prices range from $5.25 to $24.50. Makeup kits are available from $15.00 to $85.00. Orders can be placed online at