The Natural Stone Restoration Alliance Leads the Preservation of Natural Stones in the Workplace

July 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New York, NY, July 5 - The Natural Stone Restoration Alliance, abbreviated the NSRA, is proud to announce the worldwide launch of its website. The website is described by, as one user put it, as, “The premier website for stone information and also techniques and tips on how to restore different types of stones.”

This revolutionary website was formed by an eclectic group of stone aficionados who want to inform the world about how to carefully treat and preserve diverse kinds of rocks in the work place. Each NSRA member must pass a rigorous exam, in order to for his or her work to have the support of the nation wide NSRA network. has aided numerous individuals in the preservation of items such as countertops, floors, and much more. The web site boasts a comprehensive forum, where individuals can seek advice and receive an answer in a matter of minutes. The site store stocks both stones and user-friendly tools.

The lead spokesperson for, Josveek O. Huligar, said, “The NSRA is where the pros and homeowners can come together. We serve as mentors to anyone in the stone industry. We also give real world advice and support to the homeowners who may have had a mishap with natural stone.” is also offering stone restoration classes, which will teach the same skills that Josveek O. Huligar used in polishing the Freedom Stone for the World Trade Center Memorial. The class will teach students how to repair, remove scratches, factory blending, chip repairs, color blending and matching, seam repairs, honing, and top-polishing of stones.

All the details about the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance can be found at

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