Former Banker Joins the Ranks of Big Cash Express

July 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Big Cash Express was recently launched and is quickly becoming the leader of the online home based business opportunities. Their brilliant structure is designed to help an absolute newbie make money on the Internet.

Whatís so impressive about this unique compensation plan the Big Cash Express System incorporates, is itís Dual Matrix Payout Plan. The first part of the plan is a 2x2 follow your sponsor matrix that members enter with a one time product purchase. This is a once out of pocket, forever in profit system that is very simple to work. One will earn $1200 over and over with each cycle, paid weekly. There is no limit to the number of times some one can cycle in a week.

The second part of the dual matrix pay system is the Company wide profit sharing plan. The ProfitMax is a 4x6 force filled matrix that is built by the company in order in which people join. For the first time in history, instead of the company getting rich, they have found a way to ďgive backĒ to the members. This has never been done before. Someone will literally be able to generate up to $72,000 per month in passive, residual income without lifting a finger!

Digital Gold the flagship product provides breakthrough Internet marketing. Lampton added: If you want to make money on the Internet, you need to know how! Most marketers, 97% of them, lack the skills and training required to make serious money from home on the Internet.

Digital Gold is a complete marketing system and Internet business in a box. Itís a blueprint that anyone, regardless of skills or talent can follow. Members learn how to put the system on autopilot and be paid repeatedly for something they did only once.

When asked what attracted him to Big Cash Express, Lampton replied, this program is a total package. The founders have designed a system that literally removes every possible failure mechanism! Every person who joins has an opportunity to make a large amount of money very quickly!

It has a structure that is guaranteed to pay out quickly and repeatedly. This structure has been proven by the experts to last for years because it is easy for everyone and promotes long-term stability.

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Ralph Lampton
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