July 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News announces a rally which takes place in Dallas, so Texans can show support for changing the healthcare system in America., a small grassroots organization, started by the Glantz family, announced they will be holding a rally at Dallas City Hall on August 5, 2007 between 11am to 2pm, so Texans can stand together and show support of changing the American healthcare system.

"We believe a lot of Americans feel helpless in changing the healthcare system and as a family we wanted to do something about it. We collectively agreed to help ignite a movement for change," said Linda Glantz, mother of the Glantz family and a pre-school teacher at DeSoto Private School. “Healthcare should not be a privilege. It should be a right to every American citizen.” believes every citizen should have an equal opportunity to healthcare without limitations of preexisting conditions or financial gain by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Their goal is to end selective healthcare so that Americans will never be denied based on previous medical conditions or on a financial basis. They aim to end this problem so every American has the luxury of proper healthcare.

The Glantz family offers a web site where you can easily get involved by downloading a letter you can send to your congressmen, access resources about the healthcare industry and sign a petition. They encourage individuals to attend the rally being held in August and wear the color red to show your support. For more information please visit: