Fighting Foes now Fighting Friends

May 28, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

For months tension had been building up between two champion light middleweight boxers, Paul “Silky” Jones and the controversial Shaun Cummins. The British boxers had never met in the ring before and after seven years of rivalry Shaun still remained one place above Silky in the rankings. Silky believed that the fight could have been one of the toughest challenges in his boxing career and states that he “was not looking forward to it”. It was suggested that Cummins was capable of winning the Light/Middleweight World Title, a title Paul has finally achieved.

Unfortunately the sworn enemies never got the chance to fight as Shaun was tragically injured in a motorcycle accident seven months ago, and is now fighting to live a normal life. Doctors have said that they are amazed he is still alive. Paralysed from the chest down, Shaun has been told that he will never walk again. After hearing about the accident Silky Jones is trying to provide Shaun with as much support as possible, even making a pact with Shaun to help him walk again. In an attempt to raise much needed funds for Shaun, Silky is rallying the boxing community to attend a fundraising charity dinner and auction on the 9th of June. Many of the biggest names in boxing will be attending such as Steve Collins, John Conteh, Scott Welch, Glenn McCrory and Jonny Nelson in an attempt to support their fellow boxer.